Fostering Science and Quality in Homeopathic Medicine

The HomeoVision project aims to support high quality standards in homeopathic medicine, by providing in-depth information for homeopaths, veterinarians and pharmacists, but also by initiating scientific discussions within the homeopathic community.

The central idea of the HomeoVision project and this portal is to exchange information. We strongly invite you to add information: on remedies, on new provings or cases or upcoming seminars. Once you are registered, you can add new information in several sections of this website.

In addition to very practical information - such as remedy descriptions, latest provings, or case studies - this internet portal features a series of scientific papers on issues such as theory of science, methodological aspects, preparation of remedies, case study documentation, or standards for provings. HomeoVision reaches out both to innovative homeopaths as well as to reputable scientists from other areas, to contribute to a lively discussion about quality and science in homeopathic medicine.

Sound science was the very foundation of homeopathic medicine 200 years ago, when mainstream medicine was a brutal mix of quackery, pseudoscience and profiteering. Similarly, scientific principles and methods are a fundamental basis of homeopathy today, and tomorrow. We believe that recent developments in theory of science, in biology, chemistry, physics and in some areas of mainstream medicine could well inform further developments in homeopathic medicine.

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This internet portal provides information for homeopathic practitioners, for pharmacists and veterianians as well as for patients and other interested individuals.