New provings

Here you will find the new homeopathic drug provings, now termed as homeopathic pathogenetic trials (HPT) of the last years and especially the most recent ones. If you have done a decent proving of a new homeopathic remedy, please don't hesitate to contact us here so that we can implement your work (of course non- exclusive) and have it available for the homeopathic community worldwide. Nevertheless, you should keep the copyrights by indicating them in the file with the proving text.

Use of the material

All material on this website you may use for personal study only. Publishing, broadcast or dissemination of this material in part or whole, for any use, is prohibited without prior permission. The proving documents and the fotos are copyrighted and it is prohibited to use this material for any other than private purpose without permission of the board of the foundation (see "about us", "Contact") or the owner of the proving or photo.

The Austrian Society of Homeopathic Medicine, OEGHM, agreed to publish more than 40 provings conducted by them in the last years, they are available here now in German language. Thank you very much for this generous contribution for the homeopathic community!


Latest additions of new homeopathic provings - now termed a homeopathic pathogenetic trial, HPT:

Ubiquinone, the Coenzyme Q 10 (2015)

Tolypeutes tricinctus, the armadillo of Southamerica (2010)

Panthera leo, the African lioness (2015)