Examples of successful treatment are a key element for the development of homeopathy. We learn most from our patients and from the experiences they have after taking the prescribed remedies. However, even a very busy homeopathic doctor can only see a limited number of patients over the course of a lifetime of practice. Therefore, we promote the exchange of experience through the publication of cases.

Several years ago, the Foundation Marion Meyenburg, who is the sponsor of Homeovision, initiated a project for the exchange of case studies, the Delphi Project, where enthusiastic colleagues who are interested in sharing cases for study purposes have contributed some of their best cases. After receiving the consent of our colleagues, these cases have been inclued in the Homeovision website, after we had to close the Delphi-Project website due to technical reasons.

There are some basic standards required for such cases, and you may get informed about the details necessary for a case presentation in the case-library by studying the following information.

This library is meant to increase detailled knowledge on homeopathy for the benefit of all patients. A practitioner essentially increases homeopathic knowledge through studying cases of patients cured with a single hoeopathic remedy. One of the main things about the case-library is that it is based on the principle of "give and take", which means if you as a practitioner hand in 3 cases accepted after peer-review, you will be allowed access to all cases. 

Of course, we are always happy to receive more cases in order to make the database as efficient and helpful as possible, and to create a reliable source of good information with a view to increasing the quality of our homeopathic treatment and deepening our understanding of homeopathic remedies. So if you feel you would like to share your knowledge and cases with the homeopathic community, please don't hesitate to contact us at

For legal reasons, it is not possible to publish full case studies on the Homeovision website, mainly because it is impossible to get fully informed consent for the release of confidential patients details on freely accessible internet sites.

About the details on the legal assessment, the most important aspect is the written consent given by the patient, that the practitioner may publish the case here in the protected area, where only colleagues who are willing to exchange reliable homeopathic knowledge via sharing cases cured with a single remedy have access to. All other users have access to the abstracts only. Every practitioner who shares cases here is obliged to keep such a written consent with the file in question for his own legal safety. It is the practitioner`s personal responsibility to ensure this.

Below, you will find a LIST OF REMEDIES for which case studies exist in the database. We invite you to contribute your own cases to the case-library database, in order to share your successful treatments with colleagues around the world. If you are interested to read the complete cases and not only the abstracts, it is necessary to send three of your own cases first to to guarantee a real exchange of good experience. All cases listed there have been read and been evaluated by a peer group of experienced homeopaths.

You find the abstracts of cases of the case-library by clicking on the name of the remedy in the list below.