Examples of successful treatment are a key element for the development of homeopathy. We learn most from our patients and from the experiences they have after taking the prescribed remedies. However, even a very busy homeopathic doctor can only see a limited number of patients over the course of a lifetime of practice. Therefore, we promote the exchange of experience through the publication of cases.

Several years ago, the Meyenburg Homeopathic Foundation, who is the sponsor of HomeoVision, initiated a project for the exchange of case studies, the Delphi Project. For legal reasons, it is not possible to publish full case studies on the HomeoVision website, mainly because it is impossible to get fully informed consent for the release of confidential patients details on freely accessible internet sites. For more information on the legal assessment in the Delphi Project click here.

Below, you will find a LIST OF REMEDIES for which case studies exist in the Delphi database. If you are interested in any of these cases, you can register here for the Delphi Project to get -under certain circumstances (see there) - full access to the cases. We also invite you to contribute your own cases to the Delphi site, in order to share your successful treatments with colleagues around the world.

In addition, you find the abstracts of cases of the Delphi- Project by clicking on the name of the remedy.