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    Boa constrictor

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    Uta Santos, Austria





    no placebo


    Remedy unknown to the 10 provers and supervisors


    Helios (GB)

    Description of the substance

    A homeopathic drug proving- now termed a homeopathic pathogenetic trial- of BOA CONSTRICTOR

    Uta Santos


    Adeps boae constritoris, December 1996



    Proving method:

    7 female and 3 male provers , blinded, the provers did not know the remedy. An extensive casetaking of each prover and two weeks of preobservation were done to compare the symptoms belonging to the prover with the proving document.


    C 30 daily 5 globuli until clear symptoms occurred. No placebo- group. The symptoms of each prover you find listed in a chronologic manner.



    C.P., female prover --- slight dragging headache and toothache right side.

              --- restless

              --- dryness in mouth, desire for beer

              --- attacks of – and strong craving for:eating bread, mustard (she

                  always likes them but not that strong)

              --- does not want to eat during usual meals but in advance,

                  she has the feeling of coming to want --- strong pain in teeth right side, pain in right ear, radiating to eye

              --- inflammation right meatus (ear)

              --- sensation of numbness right half of face, as if this side would not

                  belong to her (Split)

              --- desire for BEER, black tea, bread with butter and MUSTARD

              --- sensation of being persecuted ( theme of snakes in general)

              --- trembling of the whole body while driving in a car

              --- explosive mood (the BANG- Pat.1)

              --- aversion sex --- stopped the remedy because of too strong reactions

              --- drawing pain right ear and pain teeth right side, pain in ear now

                  starts as well at left side

              --- cramps abdomen

              --- itching vagina

              --- dictatorial, desire for rest, very tired

              --- attacks of- and strong craving for eating BEER, BREAD and

                  drinking BLACK TEA,

              --- aversion to do her duties

              --- faultfinding with everything (stronger than usual) --- no remedy intake

              --- slight dragging pain in right and left ear and teeth

              --- pain abdomen (Pat 2)

              --- very irritable but as well strong despair (Pat 1),

              --- sensation to fail

              --- suicidal thoughts, wants to jump down from somewhere

                  (suicidal disposition, throwing himself from a window: 21A,

                  Crot-c, Lach)

              --- craving for BEER, aversion sex

              --- dryness of mouth --- no more pain in teeth or ears

              --- sensation as if she would be pursued in the dark, a lot of fear with

                  it, and with this, she feels very irritable, wants to command --- pain in abdomen --- starting to take the remedy again

              --- slight frontal headache, dragging pain like the very first day

              --- craving for black tea,bread, beer, wine

              --- dryness in mouth (but does not drink more than usual) --- light headache, pain abdomen

              --- quickly tempered

              --- eats a lot of snacks inbetween, does not want regular meals

                  (rules while eating: Pat.1 and 2) --- headache, dragging pain abdomen

              --- at 10:30 p.m. strong pain right ear

              --- dry mouth, grumbling and moaning

              --- only eating snacks inbetween: BEER, BREAD, MUSTARD,

                  BLACK TEA --- dryness in mouth, light diarrhea

                --- forenoon: strong stitching, drawing pain right ear, also at

                    right eye and right upper jaw

                --- right cheek as if numb, as if the right half of face is absent (even

                    when pressing strongly, this sensation stays) “does not belong to

                    me” ( theme of split)

                --- numbness reduces in the evening, pain in eyes dissappear towards

                    the evening, pain in ears becomes stronger in the evening

                --- vertigo and empty feeling in the head (cannot drive a car)

                --- sad, (not aggressive), sensation of being pusued ( agg. in the

                    evening) “by a man with a knife”

                --- feeling of failure --- no remedy

                --- pain right ear agg. about 10 p.m.

                --- irritable, easily aroused

                --- fear of being pursued, as if she always would be observed

                --- desire for alcohol (wine, beer) (general theme of snakes) --- no remedy

                --- pain rignt ear, agg. in the evening

                --- desperate, sees shadows

                --- suicidal thoughts, to jump, to throw herself in front of a train

                --- hopelessness

                --- fit of weeping in the afternoon gives relief, calm afterwards --- no remedy

                --- pain in right ear, slight pain abdomen

                --- feels relieved and calm


    strong sensation of coldness during the whole proving (Pat.2, a common symptom in anorexia, coldness is a general theme in snakes except in Lach) and tiredness.

    A symptom of nausea lasting all day long was present during three weeks before the proving, this dissappeared during the proving and came back afterwards.


    Concerning the numbness:

    As if she would see only with the left eye, the right half of face felt like being cut-off, but not theatening.



    L.B: male prover: --- very restless sleep (usually it is never like this) --- strong, long lasting erection for 45 minutes at 6 a.m.

              --- restless sleep

              --- at 9:30 a.m. sudden urging to defecate, watery diarrhea of gray-

                  yellow color, with brown pieces, light burning pain around anus

              --- at 11 before midnight: 5 minutes after intake of the remedy strong

                  flatulence, better by passing flatus --- nothing special --- strong urging for stool, gushing, brown, watery stools, stool and

                  anus burning like fire “as if the stool were hot coals”. Better by

                  bathing feet in warm water. --- at 4 in the afternoon: pain in right musculus pectoralis

                  major above right axilla, lasting for 5 minutes, cramp-like

                  twitching there.

              --- at midnight drawing pains in fold of right groin, extending via

                  right thigh down to the middle of right tibia and centers in one

                    spot at the tibia by becoming a boring pain there. nothing special --- extremely tired between 6 to 8 o’clock in the evening.


    Mood has been dimmed during these 2 weeks, had not as much desire to talk as usual, did not like company that much during this time.

    The prover drunk coffee during the entire proving.



    I.M., female prover --- nothing special --- left lower jaw itching and painful --- itching of teeth, tired, pain occiput --- tired during the day, towards the evening much energy, easy to

                  get up in the morning, very good mood, 2 small splits in right

                  corner of mouth ( bothrops atrox, lachesis) --- no desire to tidy up my things in my room (unusual) --- getting up was unusual early and easy, no sensation of stress

                  despite that there is much to do. Prover is hurting people and is

                  naughty without knowing why, “my darkest sides come out”, I

                  am malicious towards everyone, impatient but with strong

                  selfesteem. (Pat.1, division between angel---devil) --- pressing headache at right side of occiput

              --- lack of concentration

              --- difficulty to fall asleep ( late)

              --- less sweating than usual, the perspiration in axilla smells like

                  “Maggi” (a spice sauce) --- I stay awake until late hours and I am becoming quite cheerful

                --- stitching and pressing pain in left ear in the morning, then the pain

                    disappears. --- drawing pain and pressure behind left ear

                --- pressure, itching and pain in the very back molars ( side?)

                --- paleness, cold hands, fever --- stitching pain left ear

                --- I cannot pronounce the words I actually wanted to say, or I say

                    them wrong, unconcentrated, too lazy --- since 3 days light brown, hard stool

                --- stitching pain left ear, fornoon

                --- headache in the evening --- stitching pain left ear and itching, especially while chewing --- since 2 days I stopped taking the remedy

                --- I am drinking lots of water, I feel balanced and cheerful

                --- her parents mention that now she regains her beautiful, clear, big

                    eyes, they were recently so small and aggressive, they meant, so

                    that everyone was afraid to come close to her, as one was

                    afraid to become devoured (?) (gefressen zu werden)

                    (signature of constricting snakes)



    M.G. male prover --- dry mouth at night, a strange warm nauseous feeling before eating

                  with urging to eat

              --- stool smells unusual offensive (foul) --- my chronic eczema behind right ear is definitely less in size

              --- coryza, white discharge, mild, obstructing the nose --- irritable, angry

                --- again nausea with urging to eat

                --- 4 x imperative urging for stool, stool is soft and light brown,

                    difficult to expel --- nausea and stool like day 10

                --- eczema behind right ear is completely gone

                --- incomplete stool


    3 days after finishing the clinical trial, a bloody discharge from nose returned, which was absent during the proving.



    J.H., male prover --- slightly obstructed nose, mucus high up in the nose, ocasionally

                  offensive mucus flows down the back of throat

              --- feeling very tired --- very tired, loosing thread while talking, suddenly I don’t know any

                  more what I wanted to say or what I just said (Mind, memory

                  weak, for what he has siad: cench, lach)

              --- slightly bloody taste of the discharge in throat, which is running

                  down from the nose --- very tired

              --- at 3: 45 in the afternoon watery diarrhea, 2 hours previous: cramps

                  in abdomen with strong distension, slightly better only after passing


              --- in the evening total worn-out feeling, I fell asleep at 8 p.m. whilst

                  reading --- at 5:45 a.m. I got up to look after my child, I had

                  headache then, as if I had drunken too much alcohol the day

                  before. Then I fell asleep again until 8:30 a.m., got up with pressing

                  headache above both the ears

              --- during daytime amelioration and increasing ability of performance --- sensation as if my lips would be bloody

              --- in general I am rather rebellious and indignant towards my wife

                  and less patient than usual with my kids --- yellowish, viscid mucus, which is running down at the back of my

                  throat and which tastes of blood (haemorrhages, congestion,

                  general themes of snakes) --- very tired, I have to force myself to do everything, vision

                  diminished due to the tiredness. --- frontal headache, stitching, very sensitive to draught (especially

                  sensitive to cold wind on forhead), yellowish- green mucus in

                  throat --- very tired, have to force myself to think. I have constantly the

                   feeling as if I would have to collect my thoughts together

                   (especially at fornoon) and I am glad that I don’t have to talk to




    H.M., female prover

    During the whole time of the proving hardly needed any sleep, one night I stayed awake all night. No other physical symptoms, but at 2 days in a row I went to the bank without having taken the required cheques with me, I constantly mixed things up and for the first time in my life, I was even wearing 2 different shoes


    (ambivalence, split… or: memory weak, conentration lacking), total confusion (she forgot as well to handle over the proving notes after the proving)



    M.Sch., female prover --- drawing pain by right ear, radiating into throat

              --- from moon to evening no feeling of hunger

              --- very good mood despite a disappointment ( a date has been

                  cancelled) --- right-sided ear pain, more of a pain in bones, extending backwards,

                  then it moves to the left side.

              --- Very good mood --- nightly throatpain, strong and stitching, left side --- very good mood, nightly throatpain left side



    A.St., female prover --- profuse yellow leucorrhea without odor --- good mood all day long, today the usual tiredness at noon

                  did not come --- despite consuming quite some ammount of wine, I don’t feel tired --- menses appearing after 26.days without any complains and without

                    PMS (usually there is the feeling as if “charged”, and drawing

                    pains in mammae). I feel balanced these days, I am able to solve

                    various problems easily, I am very patient with the kids

                   (remedy has been proven 19 days ?? has been taken 19 days??)



    E.R., female prover:

    No physical symptoms (tested medication for 14 days)


    Proving summary:

    What was striking in this medical trial was how conscientious the volunteer testers were when they recorded their symptoms. Particualarly noticeable was “the field” within which the trial of the medication took place, or one could say the strange side effects, which the medication created around itself. Of all the trials I’ve participated in, none have ever dragged on for such a long time. For different reasons, volunteers wished to put off taking the medication, so that the last protocol was handed in on.Nov. 30th 1996.

    Our final meeting with the test volunteers was planned for December 20th 1996. One test volungteer had, in the meantime, moved to England; therefore neither her symptoms nor her dreams could be discussed.

    On December 19th, 1996, my colleague, wha had taken over the individual discussions with a part of the volunteer group prior to the final meeting, rang me. She was very confused and with a guilty conscience, told me she had completely forgotten to arrange these individual meetings and had also failed to inform anybody about the date of the final meeting. I’ve known my colleague for 14 years and she has always been a completely reliable and responsible person.

    I also forgot to inform one of the volunteers.

    We met finally on December 20th, 1996 and eahc tried to capture for hi or herself the mood that we had experienced throughout the trial. We were united over three qualities:

    Confusion, bewilderment, forgetfulness.





    The provers elaborated on their dreams and discussed their associations and feelings


    Dream 1:

    I am with a man in a coffee-bar, it is a strange place, smoky, a bit dirty, some game machines are standing around. I cannot remember that there were other guests. My mother is coming together with my sister after a while, we all leave this bar, it was too “nasty” for my mother (CP),


    My mother represents “cleanliness”, the dreamer and her sister are “nasty, smoky”. The mother part, her “clean” part, asserts itself, but C.P. is not happy about it, is cross and does not want to be “good”.


    Dream 2:

    I dreamt about a colored woman in a bar, she was dancing and was exposing her beautiful body (CP attractive, seductivr- theme of snakes


    Again the location in the dream is a bar, a public place. The dancing of the colored woman is associated with strengtjh, beauty and self confidence.


    Dream 3:

    I am in a big room, I have to leave it, someone is following me, (persecution: theme of snakes). I am rushing along the corridors and rooms, J. and M. (her kids) turn up, I have to save them, as everyone with African trace will be eliminated. Why J. and M.? I can save them (C.P.)


    That which is still young, “forceful, beautiful, proud and self- confident” (this is the association to the colored woman) is endangered, The pursuers are “strange men”, an undefined part of the Animus which wants to eliminate the above qualities.






    Dream 1:

    I am meeting my relatives, many people around. They are telling that my father is already dead, although this message has not yet been confirmed. He had cancer and other diseases. I have not seen him for years, I imaginge how wasted away he must be. Then I am in a crowded underground train, on my way to his funeral. I am glad to see some relatives there, as I don’t know where and when the funeral will take place. I think that it is important to conastantly repeat this sentence to myself: “he was a good father”. But I am not absolutely sure if this makes really sense (H.;M.)


    Dream 2:

    I am in the hay- loft on the farm of my grandparents. I think that I don’t want to work there as M.D. because these rooms belong to my father and the walls would cave in, as they are not firm enough. I am asked to move my working place to the living room of the farm, into the corner where my grandfather used to take his afternoon nap on the sofa and where he died. (H.M.)


    Dream 3:

    I am lying in bed with my father and my sister. It bothers me that my father is lying there, it bothers me that he does not want to sleep with his wife. I search around the house and look up the plants of the house, to see if I can find a room just for me somewhere, but I cannot find such a place. My mother is lying in the bedroom, but she looks away from me. Suddenly U. arrives; she vrawls into my mothers’ nightdress and laughs impartially. I have a great aversion to my mother and don’t want to come one step closer. I think that U. is completely different to her, and she has a compeltely different past history or else she would not be able to treat my mother so impartially.


    Dream 4:

    I am in the new university building somewhere in the upper floors, I can’t orient myself and blunder through the rooms, even though my parents and my sister and other relatives also seem to live here. The car, which I inherited from my father is parked down below in the street. I know, that a being has been stabbed to death and is in the boot of the car, but it is unclear whether or not it is human. I dread going down and having a look. I know that I should do it. My mother should go with me, but she has vansished. I look for a staircase that goes down. Somewhere gthe sentence comes up: “Does the murderer come from the family?”


    H.M. was stuck by the fact that she dreamt about her father. She could not remember if she had dreamt about him before. He was very important to her, the only one who showed any interest in her. She always tried hard to please him. H.M. felt herself responsible for him and took over her mother’s role. She described her father as being inwardly torn, passionate, socially engaged, sadistic and depressed. He had difficulty making friends. She had felt not much more than distance when he died 10 years ago.

    The Boa- induced dream of her father seemed to warn her to land in the “paternal” area. The room or the area to which the internal father belongs, is not very strong, the walls could cave in. Also, the father aspect is too close, not where it belongs, at the side of his wife. So near, that there is no room for her own personal space, “no room for me alone”. (the unsolved part which is still connected with the parents cannot unfold, through this the danger arises that the murderer could even be one in the own family??)


    In the boot of the car, which she has inherited from her father is lying a corpse. Also here, “going towards the paternal” is loaded. “I dread going down and having a look, I know that I should do it”. It was discovered a few months later that the test volunteer had (breast)cancer (like her father). During the clinical trial, the unconsciousness of the volunteer was trying to warn her and make her aware that there was something—despite her dread--- that she should look at.





    Dream 1:

    A young woman comes to a consultation—lots of red spots on her face. She is suspicious, has already had an expensive treatment for cellulite that has not helped. She shows me her thigh, and I see theat her whole body is coverred with a rash. She is one of two daughters; their parents spoil them; she is very imperious. There is a box full of little chocolates for children. My colleague gives an old lady a little chocolate and the young patient immediately demands more.


    By “cellulite” the main quality of the medication, the FAT of the BOA is represented. Suspicion, greed, egocentricity, the imperious behaviour of a spoilt daughter (the dream emphasizes the daughterly lack of independence)



    Dream 2 (2. day)

    A large department store like a shopping mall, crowds are moving along long corridors, I want to go to a lecture on esotericism—I follow signs, come to a big lecture room with endless rows of seats, quite a lot of acquaintances, frirends and colleagues are there—lots of actors appear on stage in order to introduce themselves (endless coming and going), I also notice very old men and tramps—the floor of the stage is very steep, upwards like a hill, completely uneven and bright white. I am afraid every time the young actors ( children) go past it, that they will fall in.


    The danger of falling from a steep, uneven, bright white stage of an esoteric performance is not about real life but rather about acting. The bright white, purity, underlines the distance from eartly life in which there are very old men (fraility, transitory nature of life) and tramps (homeless, a nearly unnoticed group on the edge of society).



    Dream 3 (day 2):

    Scene in a hospital, a night shift, I am cleaning my teeth in the ward, a nurse lends me a “toothpaste replacement”.


    The cleaning of the already white teeth stands strongly in juxtaposition to working in the darkness of the night. This time the aspect of darkness is present; the other pole of the two opposites dark and light



    Dream 4 (

    A big, empty room with a wooden floor, which should be clean, but a thick, feathery, bright white layer of dust covers it. The window is open, the wind blows white curtains and also whirls the dust around, which looks like flower pollen ( I am annoyed about the dirt, but nevertheless I feel good, because the whirling dust looks so beautiful).


    The pure white becomes dirty white; the opposites are mixing with each other, a dynamic from ooutside is forcing its way in, the “dust is whirling around” —which feels good to the dreamer.



    Dream 5 ( day 3)

    A big house, partly, I want to get in through the terrace door with something wide ( a wheelchair), but it is not possible. On my way home it is dark and the wide road is full of mud. I keep sinking in with my thin shoes; cars with dazzling white headlights drive past and splash me, I turn round and desperately seek a bus stop, but I don’t find one, I stop by a school building and wait.


    The other pole—the dark one—sinking in mud; the dazzling white does not make me lighter, but makes me darker, splashes me even more. In the previous dream there was the metaphor of dust, which in itself contained the aesthetically beautiful, the white, and here as well the dazzling white is connected to soiling.



    Dream 6, (day 5):

    Many doctors are standing around me, I am inappropriately dressed ( everyone else is dressed in white, I am in green with damaged gloves and without a mask), with words and gestures they doubt my knowledge, they find I have not been washed sterile enough, I am standing in the operating theatre; befor I begin, I see a patient who has just been operated on and ask myself if it all has any meaning. (Pat.2: feeling of not belonging, I am not – as usual—dressed properly, not enough white, do I know enough? Ambition, have I learned enough? )

    (feeling of not being acknowledged, of being shut out, treated with contempt, ridiculed, helpless feeling).



    Here white represents “correct” or “normal” – in the defining context of the doctors standing around – because for them it is “normal” to be dressed in greend in the operating theatre. Ther relativity of “ correct” and “wrong”, clean enough, not white enough, I won’t be acknowledged. The color “white” – worn on the outside – is treated by the doctors as the same as “the white” of the knowledge; someone who is white is someone who knows ( in German, “white” and “knowledge” are represented by the same word “ich weiss” und “ weiss”) -- but the actual event, the operation, seems already to have taken place, independent of the discussion over form and content.





    Dream ( day 13)

    I must have slept too late, because it is 9:30 a.m. and the kids are still at home, I want to write them a note for school but don’t manage it, I keep making mistakes and have to start again. At last, I finish the note for my son, but the note for my daughter is horribly smudged. Then I have to take the dogs somewhere, on the other side of the city. I go on the bus and know that I am in any case going to arrive too late. It does not particualrly upset me, although I normally have a tendency to be over- punctual.


    Frittering away, wasting time, making mistakes



    Dream (day 18)

    I am preparing a snack for the kids, and I am annoyed that they have already been taking too much time and it is too late. A group discussion is taking place about patients who are terminally ill with cancer and pain therapy, that is to say how these people can live a normal life for as long as possible. I say that such patients certainly exist, whereby I receive the reply that there were no one of them in the TV- program of yesterday.





    Dream 1 ( day 2):

    I am in the protestant church in Melk. Contrary to all reality this church is built like a lecture hall, the altar is below and steps lead down to the benches. For an unknown reason I go down to the altar. There I discover that between the level of the altar and the first step, there is a gap the width of a hand. I am amazed that the protestant priest has not noticed this and has not done something about it. I put it down to his transcendental transfiguration.


    The gap is reminding me of the “deep precipice towards the seats”, a crack, a cleft between esotheric performance (D, and the altar on the one hand and the lecture room and the fist step in the church on the other hand.



    Dream 2 (day 2)

    A lovely dream of a tree- lined road, which is partly still in deep snow, but it was about to become autmn. I was lying with my face in leaves of wonderful rust and orange colors and was amazed that the leaves were pressed so flat on the ground. It was beautiful and everything smelt so intensely of earth and autumn. I noticed, that it had never occurred to me how beautiful autumn actually is (especially as I often dream of snow).


    As if the dreamer were gliding along the ground llike a snake, equipped with the highly developed sense of smell of BOA, at the time of the year when autumn changes into winter.



    Dream 3 (day 5):

    I am dreaming of 2 people whom I hardly know, where the husband never tells the wife where he is going, because the wife had once betrayed him; she was very sad and in despair, she always wanted to know where he went and what he did. Only when she was behaving well, he did tell her.


    Jealousy, to be betrayed, to have to be good



    Dream 4 (day 9):

    I dream that it is autumn again, the fields are in orange and brown tones and I gallop over lang meadows. With many friends a lot of changes took place, e.g. structural changes inside the house… I wondered, because partly there were people I know, who had become very lazy.


    Something is starting to stir internally and is making an active change to prevent laziness.



    Dream 5 ( day 11):

    I dreamt that someone was torturing people, but it appeared to be that it was a Public Day of the Universe. I ran onto a grassy hill and thought that I could not stand this any longer, and screamed a long, primeval scream; and because it felt so good, I did it some more, then I felt much better; but lots of people ran to me and thought something had happened. I turned around and said: “you don’t notice what happens anyway”. I disappeared through a door with a long corridor and behind this corridor, there was a wonderful fruit garden with lots of nice people, a few of them were even my friends.



    Dream 6 (day 15)

    A woman in leggings and with pimples and greasy hair (but clever and preying on business people) told me that she had just bought herself a christening gown for her birth. (Birth or Change often is expressed in dreams through skinning of snakes). She quickly pulled it over her head and looked stunning. It was a stretchy dress (like a new skin in snakes) with a cut-away back and slit up the side and an enormous pointed collar in white like a fairy butterfly


    It seems as if the christening gown would bring about the re-birth of seductive womanliness and delicate butterfly- like eroticisms in a formerly badly presented, calculating woman.





    Dream 1 (day 1):

    A dream about a horrible looking man, who pulls faces and treatens me with a wooden club.





    Dream 1 (day 1):

    Carnival: I am dressed in three layers: two shirts (one is orange, the other is white)), two skirts (one is beige, the other orange) and thick socks. I go into a bar – everybody has something with grey and blue stripes on -- lots of black haired men with gel in their hair.


    Again the opposite colors; multiple clothing, ritualized deception – Carnival. My things are bright – those of the others are dark. ( Pat.2: I am unusual…).



    Dream 2 ( day 1):

    We are playing a game about food.



    Dream 3 (day 1):

    I want to put make-up on – stand in front of the mirror and I look completely different, smaller eyes, hardly any eyebrows ( I have thick ones) and swollen eyes. The make-up is running.



    Dream 4 ( day 2):

    With my sister I was at a film recording – my sister performs acrobatics. The actor is a king. There is a princess and a mother of the princess. The palace could explode ( the explosive dynamic in a parent- daughter- relation).


    The dreams of H. turn around dressing up and play, although at the same time, play can be dangerous, danger of explosion.



    Dream 5 ( day 2).

    Something in a bar at night – my sister is chatting with a man – she has a short dark blue dress on. Afterwards she goes to the university. She had breakfast there. I think I would also like to have a dress like that.


    This dream is like C.P.’s first dream – the bar, the sister. Envy is clearly implied in this dream; the sister is being envied. Perhaps she is the “naughty” one in her short, dark blue dress?



    Dream 6 ( day 3)

    I dreamt a lot about food. In the classroom, chocolate is thrown here and there, scrapping over it.





    By Uta Santos:



    --- Development hindered: overprotective parents, who “ incoroprate” their kids

        so that they cannot do their own steps… so hat in a certain way they remain

        “childish” and very bound to social rules and expectations (a kind of Kalium-

        like aspect)


    --- Either/ or, black/ whie, antithetic categories with little space in between, strict

        black and white boundaries with no gray areas


    --- Tightness, asthma, suffocation, no space


    --- Self- destructiveness, anger directed inside


    --- Compulsive behaviour


    --- food




    --- Averison to duties

    --- Aversion to sex

    --- Bossy and dictartorial

    --- Delusion of being constantly observed

    --- Delusion of being pursued in the dark

    --- Fear of being pursued in the dark

    --- Feeling of being watched

    --- Feeling of failure

    --- Hopelessness

    --- Impatience with excessive irritability

    --- Subdued mood with no desire to speak

    --- Suicidal thoughts to jump and throw herself in front of a train

    --- Unable to pronounce worlds correctly, says things incorreclty, loses the thread

        while talking, with a feeling of “ a need to my thoughts” – constantly



    Themes of the DREAMS:

    --- Clean/ dirty ( C.P.: dream 1, D: dream 1 on day 3, dream 2 onn day 3)

    --- Dark/ light ( H , dream 1 on day 1)

    --- Father; lack of father figure, weak father figure ( H.M.: dream 2)

    --- Spoiled daughter ( U.S., dream 1)

    --- Religious faith ( D.: dream on day 2)

    --- Treated with contempt ( D, dream on day 5)

    --- Mismanagement of time/ making mistakes ( E, dream on day 13)

    --- Beauty ( F., dream 2 on day 2, C.P., dream 2)

    --- Jealousy/ betrayal ( F. dream on day 5, H., dream 2 on day 2)

    --- Tramsformation (F., dream on day 15)




    --- Desires Beer, black tea, bread, butter, mustard, wine

    --- Excessive prostration and tirendess




    --- Pain forehead, worse cold wind

    --- Drawing pain in the occiput, especially like a hangover




    --- Pain worse evening, 10 p.m., right- sided pain

    --- Stitching pain in left ear, worse chewing

    --- Drawing pain in right ear, extending to throat

    --- Pain in right ear with numbness, extending across right side of face to eye




    --- Easy blockage of nose with a viscid, offensive postnasal drip that tastes of





    --- Postnasal discharge, viscid yellow mucus tasting like blood

    --- Yeallow- green mucus

    --- Sore throat especially on left side,




    --- Sensation as if the right half of face does not belong to him




    --- Dryness of mouth, worse at night

    --- Right- sided toothache that extends up to the right eye and right ear




    --- Nausea before meals with an urge for stools, which are offensive




    --- Colicky pains, flatus amel

    --- Cramps in abdomen, leading to diarrhea




    --- Incomplete sensation even after passing stool

    --- Sudden urge for stool; watery diarrhea, grayish- yellow with brown pieces,

    associated with mild burning around anus, as if the stools were hot coals




    --- Violent erections during sleep




    --- Itching of vaginal region




    --- Pain in right pectoralis major




    --- Pain in right buttocks, extending to right thigh and centers in the right tibia

    --- cold hands with fever