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    Cerastes cerastes

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    Uta Santos, Austria






    Remedy unknown to provers and supervisors


    Remedia Pharmacy, Austria

    Description of the substance

    A homeopathic drug proving- now termed a homeopathic pathogenetic trial- of CERASTES CERASTES , desert horned viper (Wuesten- Hornviper)

    Uta Santos



    The remedy was manufatured by Robert Müntz, (Remedia- pharmacy) Austria. A C3- Trituration was made according to Aphorism 270 of Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine. A C12 was used for the clinical trials. These clinical trials were conducted using a double- blind method. Nine volunteers took part, three men and 6 women.



    Their grey-green-brown colour accords almost exactly with the color of the desert sands, where Cerastes lives. They flee from enemies and extreme temperatures, burying into the sand with the serrated scales along their bodies and covering themselves almost compeltely. They lie in wait for their prey, disguised by the sand, with just the two “ horns” sticking out, which protect their eyes. As they disappear quickly into the sand, their scales make a rattling noise. During the day theystay buried and become active at dusk.






    A.K.     --- at 12:00 p.,m stitching pain in left knee on rising, the pain disappears after

                      moving around a bit

                  --- at 3:00 p.m. stitching pain in area of apex of heart, constrictive sensation in

                      chest, pressure on chest --- frequent urge to urinate, especially in the evening     --- stitching in left shoulder with several movements     --- at 4 p.m. stitching pain in chest on inspiration, like prickling of small needles



    E.M.M.     --- I could not fall asleep for a long time, woke up several times

                  --- stitching headache at forehead and in neck on exposure to cold

                  --- sensation “as if hit over my head with a frying pan”

                  --- itching and red discoloration of right nipple, sensitive to touch     --- had bad sleep, waking at 4 o’clock

                  --- itching of right nipple

                  --- itching above the left mandibula, white areas as if bitten by a moscito

                  --- Impression that I smell dog excrement several times

                  --- Irritability     --- itching of right nipple

                  --- headache: frontal, around eyes, occiput and neck on exposure to cold

                  --- high pitched tone in left ear

                  --- loss of appetite     --- tingling in the genitals

                  --- sticky coryza alternating with clear secretion

                  --- Buzzing in ears and high-pitched tone right side

                  --- loss of appetite

                  --- reddened abdomen in the evening     --- right nostril completely obstructed

                  --- sneezing for about 30 minutes     --- cannot fall asleep for one and half hours     --- irritable, impatient, inflexible


    During the entire proving the skin has been very unclear, especially between eyebrows and mouth



    D.ST.     --- drawing pain in right leg from morning till afternoon     --- light sleep, waking up frequently

                  --- pain in the small of back from morning to evening, worse on bending     --- extremely tired from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.     --- indented tongue right side that hurt     --- pain in tongue like day 4     --- superficial sleep

                  --- pain in tongue     --- attack of tiredness in the eveneing



    Th.K.     --- it is difficult to focus with the eyes, the vision dissolves in the endless

                  --- emotionally: soft, mild, humble feeling, adapting     --- pressure and pain in region of heart after walking, very frightening

                  --- emotionally: modest and humble feeling of happiness, pleasure that does no

                      need any expression     --- constipation

                  --- emotionally: silent joy and gentleness, where before there was rebellion and

                      resistance. Modesty.     --- small reddish papules at forhead and left thumb, painful on pressure

                  --- constopation

                  --- emotionally: from joy and gentleness to stupid conformity and weak- willed

                      equanimity     --- tired and worn out

                  --- deathly silence inside of me     --- only little energy, can barely feel my heartbeats     --- before falling asleep, a sensation as if a hand is around my heart and is

                      squeezing it lightly



    M.L.    --- watery diarrhea at night with intensive vomiting four times this night

                 --- sensation of heat on the head    --- as if “flashes of lightening” are radiating from solarplexus, fever

                 --- desire for orange juice

                 --- yellow discoloration of face



    M.H.    --- burning in mucus membranes if tge bise before going to sleep    --- urging to do household duties

                 --- clearness of mind    --- clearness of mind

                  --- amazingly refreshed feeling in the morning

                  --- increased appeitite

                  --- less desire to smoke cigarettes

                  --- drawing pain lower abdomen

                  --- around midnight the right inner corner of eye is trembling for about 10 min.

                  --- next to the right corner of mouth a small wound, burning on touch     --- clearness

                  --- burning sensation in abdomen, wandering to chest

                  --- great sensitivity to cold alternating with flushes of heat and sweat ( 5:00 p.m.)

                  --- in the evening hot flushes and cold sweat

                  --- burning of the mucus membranes of the nose with some watery discharge     --- good mood

                  --- very clear, good concentration

                  --- flushes of heat in the evening

                  ---burning of the mucus membranes of the nose in the evening     --- very good concentration

                  --- great appetite, desire for sweets

                  --- extremely sensitive to cold, ice cold hands and feet, but nevertheless sweating

                      (especially in the evening)     --- good mood

                  --- burning in mucus membranes of nose in the evening

                  --- good appetite (desire sweets)



    G.B.     --- marked feeling of coldness, tiredness, marked need to regress     --- mimical expression as if paralyzed, depressed, despondent

                  --- Arrhytmias – extra systoles and supraventricular tachycardia ( SVT)     --- right knee as if swollen

                  --- vaginal itching     --- vaginal itching

                  --- pain small of back

                  --- flatulence, hard stools




    Influenza-type infetion or symptom of the remedy?



    R.C.     --- pain stomach at night, which change place to the bowels     --- stomach pain in the evening




    ? Influenza infection?

      --- dizzy feeling on rapid motion of head, which causes nausea easily

                  --- before falling asleep: stitching pain head over left eye     --- slightly dizzy at lunch time     --- heavy, dull sensation in area of forehead



    I.M.     --- 2 hours after intake of the globuli ( at around 10:00 p.m.):

                      racing of heart, as if I had drunken strong coffee

                  --- despite that I felt very tired, my sleep was bad, I woke up several times ( 1:30

                      a.m., 2:30 a.m.)     --- again I could not fall asleep, as if pepped up, waking five times (again the first

                      time at 1:30 a.m.)

                  --- at 7:00 p.m. racing of heart with nausea     --- 2 hours after taking the remedy: palpitations with nausea. I fell asleep only at 1:00

                      a.m., very restless. Woke up already ata 5:30 a.m.     --- 2 hours after taking the remedy, I felt totally restless with palpitations

                  --- waking 3 times at night     --- could fall asleep quite well, waking the first time again around 1:00 a.m. and then

                      three times more








    Dream 1

    During a seminar: I am working in the kitchen. My plunging neckline is wide open – must go out on the street, but I am very barely dressed, which is pbserved by all. Men begin to make advances at me. Again at the seminar, the women are envy. I ake a shower and wrap a towel around my naked body. A man is laying his hand on my back between the shoulder blades. I withdraw from him because I don’t want to arouse the hatred of the women even more. I am disappointe and hurt because I thoughts that being naked was in fact desired in these cirles.

    Change of scene:

    I am now in a hospital with the same plunging neckline. I am working as a female doctor, but I am preparing the food. A doctor ( a female) comes and comfortingly puts her arm around my shoulder. She likes me and admires me. I have the feeling that she likes me especially because I wear this plunging neckline.



    (the associations and explanations of the dreamers are marked with “)


    At a seminar (“where one learns something”), I work in the kitchen, the nurturing (female) center. My plunging neckline is wide open. I show myself naked, open and vulnerable in my femaleness and eroticism. “They want nakedness but do not trust in themselves; they see that they are not naked themselves”. A part of me has fear to show myself in such a manner.


    Dream 2

    A large shopping street: I enter into a shoe shop, I have a credit note. I try on a few pair of shoes and buy them, but there remains a plus still on the credit note. After looking around for a long time, I decide on some plastic—plush dirty greenish-white shoes to walk around with. Then I see shoes made of fine soft black leather – one can unfold them—and I am immedeately excited about them and buy them.



    A credit note gives me theopportunity of choosing a path through life. First I choose the practical but not so beautiful shoes, then I see and decide for the refined/ sensuous ones, to move sensuously through life.



    Dream 3

    In a house: I have an appartment there at my disposal. On the same floor, there are two more rooms. One of them is crowded with many things like boxes, chairs, books and clothes. I am asking whether I can have the key to the second room. This room is smaller and is empty. I have never been inside before but belongs to my flat but it seems that someone did not really want me to have access this room.

    Change of scene:

    The occasion is favorable: I want to try on a dress, which belonged to another woman. I know that I should not do this, but I have to. The dress is like a kind of middle—age robe in red and white with a large hood, which is fixed to the hair. The material is soft, cuddling the skin and heavy.

    A woman shows me the dress and helps me to put it on. But, it is not clearly recognizable that this woman is a person. The situation happens in the countryside. There are forests and meadows all around. Like an ancient castle, many rough stony staircases.

    As I stand fully dressed in front of the mirror, some other persons enter the room (? men). They have captured me doing something forbidden. One man is especially concerned. The robe seems to have belonged to a woman who was his beolved wife but who is not alive any more.

    By putting on this robe I have violated something holy, intimate and wounded a person very deeply. I am conscious of this, I am ashamed and I apologize. The woman to whom this robe belonged must have been the perfect woman.



    Beside from the previous (“cupboards, hairs … all my past lives”) a new room has ensued, which is allowed to me but to which I still do not have access.

    The change of scene means that this new inner room has to do with an integration of “middle age—distance “ fully, preistly” female part which is impersonal. “ I must do it” – the woman in me (“who helps me to get dressed”) agrees; but looking through the eyes of this man (of men), she is doing something forbidden. Am I allowed to present myself in my splendor and perfection, although “man” rather attributes these qualtities to a non- living, ideal portrait?


    The castle is barren, cold, grey, vulnerable, the opposite of this “woman”, who is “perfection”. The castle is a metaphor for a cold, stony narrow place, from where I do not really dare to take, to make it my own which still comes towards me as foreign.


    Or do I really tend to misvalue something beautiful, noble out of foolishness?


    Drea,m 4:

    The entire medical team walks along the corridor. The surrounding is messy—already half outdoors and with earth and trees around. A young woman with a colored apron around her waist and a huge bunch of flowers in her hands comes twoards us and asks, who Th.K is. I am very surprised but also very happy about the flowers. I was sure that A. did send them. The flowers look like a small, round rose tree, which is full of little rose- colored rose buds. I think that in my entire life I never saw such a beautiful, tender splendor and I am utterly happy.



    This time I receive love and appreciation of a man through pink rose buds, whereas in my previous dream, the red-white robe was not yet for me.



    Dream 5:

    The play is over. The last visitors have already left the enrance hall. A woman ( an actress or I) is walks down the stairs to the entrance hall, to a door on the right side. As she passes the gap in the door, she takes off her red fur coat. The coat lies spread out half way between the door and half way over the stairs. The woman behind the door lies stretched out on her belly. It looks very theatriacal--- the woman could also be dead. I go there, take the coat, put iit on and circle around in it a few times and run out into the street. Outside there is a car, which has been waiting for the woman. She enters the car and the car bursts forth with great speed. At some time or other there are shots. The car stands at the curve of the street with the doors open. The men who have been driving the car ( two men) have disappeared without a trace. The woman lies dead next to the car on the ground. I again approach, take her coat, put it on, turn myself around in a circle and leave with the coat. This time the coat is a lighter red, shorter and has a more youthful cut.



    “While parts of me ( rolls, like of an actress--- like a “Prima donna”) die, I and my red fur coat stay, and a rejuvenation process happens.

    Red is e--rot ( =red in German) --ic, vital, fur, my animal nature, which warms me. The woman was a lady as seen in the way she runs down the steps, an experienced woman. To turn herself, she was once a Prima donna the woman who lay next to the car was a younger saucy girl.” To die is to change and rejuvenate.







    Dream 1:

    I dreamt about a woman called Eva Peres. She was Mexican and spoke with me in Spanish. I cannot speak this language but have conversed very well with her.



    I have only seen her from the neck downwards, an impressing woman, full of joy of life, a radiation like crazy, female, slim, tall and self confident…”



    Dream 2:

    I am flying to N.y., I don’t know with whom, I am packing a bag ( a little bag of my daughter). I only know that I have to think how much and which shoes I have to pack. My girlfriend constantly tells me that I have to hurry up, as the person with whom I am going to fly is already waiting at the airport.




    N.Y., --- a fantastic city, the person expercting me is important. Hectic, difficult to make decisions. I had already packed pretty shoes, now one was concerned whether to wear white sports shoes or bright red espandrillas (for the beach, very uncomfortable in themselves).



    Dream 3:

    About a bright shining star which is gkiwubg intensely. My friends are quarreling with me, because they insist that it is the star of Bethlehem and I do not believe it.



    “the star”, big, calming, pleasant, golden. The joy--- without faces, I heard only voices. Star of Bethlehem--- shows the way. A voice inside her ( the joy) knows the way since long time.



    Dream 4:

    My daughter is travelling together with her school-class by train to France.



    “Hectic, she was happy, railway station, everything was in a beautiful bright red. France: very pleasant, I have a pen friend there, the people there have their radiation and are very hospitable.”


    I.M. is meeting as well the impressing woman in herself. In the dreams it is glowing and shining:

    The impressing woman with the “radiation like crazy”, the Espandrillas, a bright shining star, which is glowing, the train station in shining red.







    Dream 1:

    There were many cats, among them there was a small light grey cat which had a large hole at its flank. One saw all its tissues, the intestines, the liver etc., but without blood, the organs looked prepared and hardened. The cat looked slowed down and sad.



    It was at the laft flank, I love cats, sympathized with the small grey one. I do not like dogs, I like the emotional independence of cats.


    My cat-like nature (the female- erotic- instinctual, my emotional independence as a woman) is at the left (felmale) side without vital force, hardened, slowed down, sad…





    Dream 1

    A unique motiv belonging to an ancient world, a man is walled in into a kind of a church, on top of a window sill. Only the head protrudes out of the window, I see him and I feel his terror. He begins to force the bricks around him with his head. He frees himself, they escape together: Now it is a modern surrounding with swimming pool, we are cautious, he is pursued, he lives so…



    A part of me is still imprisoned in the (mind)building of the churches. My freedom (in movement) and my physical is restricted. With the head I succeed to free myself, but the threat is not yet over…



    Dream 2:

    I lie betweeen my mother and father in bed. My father is sleeping. I pull carrots out of the belly of my mother, out of the vagtina, one after the other and she lets it happen, until suddenly there is an association in the room between us, which is of a sexual nature; she reacts with irritation, shame, I get up and go to the wall, as if to a balckboard; I become aware that I am wearing only a T-shirt, my belly and my nates are naked. She shouts at me without my hearing a word, it is a terrible, strong engergy of contempt, which comes pon me, on my shamelessness, my father awakens and bends over almost automatically and consciously like a bunny rabbit on its haunches, ready to copulate. I scream loudly at him, “ get out!” He disappears, my mother throws me out of the apartment, we are in the house of my grandmother and aunt, I go down the stairs in the front part of the house and she shouts behind me. I ask myself where should I go, my brother is in the room below, I feel he cannot help me, out on the road, there is a great crowd of people, my mother is in agony on the balcony, she wants to send me to Italy, screams and shouts at the crowd of people as how she hates me. I run through the crowd, she runs after me. I feel she wants to kill me.



    On awakening a strong tension in the sacrum, tension in abdomen, ovars, a constant tingling in abdomen, no fear but deeply impressed about the intensity of the experienced anger of my mother.

    In the next days sexuality becomes a big theme, -- blocked, fulfilled, forbidden, longed for (my?) sexuality.

    Lying in the erotic field of tension of the parents, the own sexuality is perceived full of contempt, shame and anger.






    Dream 1:

    I am skiing on a skyscraper. I reognize that it is a skyscraper only when I dismount and find myself suddenly at the edge of a demolition site.G (my husband) has already gone ahead. I stiffen briefly – a feeling of fear of hights. G. calls that I only have to take some more steps—then there is a climbing pole. It is absolutely unclear to me how I will be able to go down a climbing pole with skis – but he must have done it, and so I will be able to do so as well. I see, that the climbing pole is really not difficult


    Dream 2:

    I dream that I would be pregnant—in order to be sure, I go to the doctor. He takes out the embryo from my body and paks it in a bag. I go home and look at the embryo. It looks like a small frog but still human, pulsating life—on my way back home he has already grown, he now is about the size of a finger—I want to see which gender it has, think it is a female—then I see hat behind the vagina , there is a small penis--- aha, both is there, I think, what it really will become, time will tell. Suddenly I ask myself, how the embryo will come into my body again. I think, I have to swallow him… but something appears strange to me.



    I had the feeling of dreaming the dream with the logic of a small child – child-like logic and fantasy.


    When an important theme of Cerastes--- as apparent from the dreams so far—is the development of full femininity, then G.A.W. ges first into the distance upwards (skyscraper) and it requires a decision (“G. my husband”)to overcome the fear of falling into the depths. But then I see, that it is not difficult.

    Concerning what grows in my uterus, I go again first in the distance and look at it from the outside – the pulsating life--- then I realize, that this won’t do, I have to bear it in me--- have to take it into myself.







    Dream 1:

    I travel with several people in a car to a mountain I look out of th rear window onto a sea, which appears very tropical. In the centre of this sea is an island, which is thickly overgrown with trees. The picture on the whole is very harmonious. Arriving on the mountain, I find myself at a party. There is as well a ninty year old woman. Then the same scene appeared once again ( driving up the mountain and the party). Everything is the same except that the old woman was even older and looks deathly sick.



    A castle-like ruins, the woman sits at the table, she is the only person who is old, she is well integrated, and also the second time she is sitting there around. I was concerned that time passes so quickly, that dilapidation occurs that fast.




    Deram 1

    I dreamt of a car key. I was always worried about losing it. I was in Vienna with the car. I traveled with the street- railway ( trarm), always keeping an eye on the key or putting it into the jeans. Even when people spoke to me, I constantly thought of the key due to the fear of losing it. The tram turns, drives like a …



    The car belongs to my mother. My mother never thinks of herself, only of others; she is very strong, like a Jack-in-the-box, she holds the whole family together. I admire her greatly but I don’t want to become like her. Two years ago, I had a car accident with my mother’s car.


    Fear of loosing the patterns coming from mother’s side (of the “being on ones way as a woman), may be because the very own key is not yet found and the untrusted ( the tram who turns like a …) makes one feel dizzy.





    Uta Santos


    Cerastes seems to be a deeply feminine matter, allows women to experience the released form of their own perfection; as beautiful, vital, erotic, gentle, delicate, devoted, emotionally independent beings.


    Cerastes seems to offer help, where this perfection and harmony cannot be realized, when the woman is stuck in rebellion and resistance (under the influence of a successful Cerastes- treatment; this rebellion could be a cchildish one (refer to the dream of the daughters’bag, which the dreamer has with her), the rebellion of a young woman, who under the impression and pressure of the own ideal of womanliness is angrily raging towards everything / everyone around, and who, facing her bright red intensity of her womanhood, feels ashamed about her femininity and contempt towards her sexuality.


    She -- instead of living her emotional independence—becomes more and more sluggish, hardened and sad to the point of stupid conformity and weak-willed equanimity. She “out of foolishness” disregards and violates the sacred, intimate love of the heart. She, who feels restless and stirred up, as if pursued by deep (self)hatred of her sex.


    The heart seems to be the centre that makes itself known by its beating, stumbling, piercing, racing, pressing, to remind us homeopaths’ of the beneficial poison of the Horned viper….


    Menopause is a time in which the subject of femininity is a subject of change, and hot flushes or sleep disturbances are reminiscent of the Cerastes clinical trials and remind us that this drug can be very supportive.




    E.M.M.--- day 2           Irritability

                   day 7           irritable, impatient, inflexible

    Th.K.       day 1           soft, tender, devoted, adapting

                   day 2           devoted feeling of happiness, joy which does not need any expression

                   day 2           need for expression

                                      silent hapiness and tenderness, where usually was great resistance and

                                      rebellion, “Bescheidenheit”.

                                      From joy and tenderness to stupid conformity and weak-willed


                  day 5            deathly silence inside of me, tired and worn out

                  day 6            not much energy

    M.H.       day 1            urge to do household duties, clearness

                  day 2            clearness of mind

                  day 5            very clear, good concentration

                  day 7            good mood

    G.B.       day 3            very restless

                  day 4            depressed, shy, mimic as if frozen

    I.M.        day 1            as if pepped up

                  day 2            restless, as if pepped up

                  day 3            very restless

    G A-W.   day 1-5         strange feeling of lightness, nothing matters, detached




    ST.E      day 1            vertigo with quick movements of head, with slight nausea

                  day 3            vertigo at lunch time




    E.M.M.   day 1            stitching headache at forehead and neck when it is cold

                                      Sensation “as if benumbed by a frying pan”

                  day 3            frontal headache with the cold, as well around eyes, occiput and neck

    M.I.        day 1            sensation of heat at head

    St.E.      day 1            heavy, dull head in region of forehead

                                      Stitching headache over left eye




    Th.K.     day 1             difficult to focus eyes, vision goes into the endless distance

    M.H:      day 3             trembling of right inner angle of eye




    E.M.M.  day 3             high pitched tone in left ear

                 day 4             buzzing in ear and high pitched tone in right ear

    ST.E.    day 5             drawing in ears and extrenal meatus both sides



    E-M.M.  day 4             stuck coryza, alternating with clear secretion

                 day 5             right nostril obstructed, attack of sneezing for 30 minutes

                 day 2             impression to smell dog excrement, several times

    M.H.      day 1             burning of mucus membranes of nose

                 day 4             burning of mucus membranes of nose with some watery discharge

                 day 5             burning of mucus membranes of nose




    E-M.M   day 2              itching over left mandibula, white areas as if of mosquito bites

                 day 1-5           unclear skin between eyebrows and around mouth

    Th.K.     day 4              small reddish papules at forehead

    M.L.       day 6             yellowish color of face

    G.B.      day 4              mimical expression as if frozen




    D.St.      day 4-6           tongue indented, which is painful

    M.H.      day 3              a little open wound next to right corner of mouth, which burns on touch






    M.L.     day 6               as iflightnings radiate from the solar plexus

                                       Desire orange juice

                                       4x intensive vomiting at night ( together with watery diarrhea)

    M.H.      day 3               increased appetite, less desire to smoke

                 day 6               great appetite, desire sweets

                 day 7               great appetite, desire sweets

    R.C.      day 1                pain in stomach at night, which move to the bowels

                 day 4               pain in stomach in the evening

    E-M.M.   day 3-4            loss of appetite

    St.E.      day 1               nausea when turning the head quickly




    E.M.M.  day 4                belly redened

    Th.K      day 3-4             constipation

    M.L.       day 5               watery diarrhea at night (with vomiting)

    M.H.      day 3                drawing in lower abdomen

                 day 4                burning sensation in abdomen, moving to chest

    G.B.      day 8                flatulence, hard stool



    A.K.      day 4                frequent urging to urinate in the evening




    E-M.M.  day 4               tingling in genitals

    M.H.      day 7-8            vaginal itching








    A.K.      day 2                3 p.m. stitchin in region of apex of heart, constrictive sensation over


                                        4 p.m. stitching pain in chest as if of small needles, on inspiration

    E.M.M.  day 1                itching and redness of right nipple

                                         Sensitive to touch

                 day 2-3             itching of right nipple

    Th.K.     day 2                pressure and pain over heart, after a walk, very frightening

                 day 6                can barely feel my heart beat, low energy

                                         before falling asleep the sensation as if a hand is around my heart

                                         and squeezes it lightly

    M.H.      day 4                burning sensation in chest, radiating from abdomen

    G.B.      day 4                extrasystoles

    I.M.       day 1                racing of heart, as if I had drunken coffee, 2 h. after taking the glob.

                 day 2                racing of heart with nausea

                 day 3                racing of heart with nausea

                 day 4                palpitation with restlessness




    M.H.      day 8                pain in small of back

    D.St.      day 2                pain in small of back from forenoon until evening, agg. bending forward




    A.K.      day 1               stitching pain in left knee on rising

                 day 5               stitching pain in left shoulder with several movements

    D.St.     day 1               drawing pain in right lower limb from forenoon until evening

    G.B.      day 7               right knee as if swollen




    E-M.M.  day 1               could not fall asleep for a long time, woke up several times

                 day 2               slept badly, waking at 4 a.m.

                 day 6               could not fall asleep for 1 1/2 hours

    D.St.     day 1               light sleep, waking up frequently

                 day 6               superficial sleep

    I.M.       day 1               slept badly despite tiredness, waking up frequently (1:30, 2:30,…)

                 day 2               could not fall asleep, waking 5 times ( 1:30…)

                                        fell asleep only at 1:00 a.m., very restless sleep, waking 5:30 a.m.

                 day 4               woke up 3 times, restless

                 day 5               woke up 4x (first at 1:00 a.m. ….)




    M.L.      day 5               sensation of heat at head

                day 6                fever

    M.H.     day 4                hot flushes with cold perspiration ( in the evening)

                day 5                hot flushes ( in the evening)

                                        extremely sensitive to cold, icy cold hands and feet, nevertheless

                                        sweating (especially in the evening)

    G.B.     day 3                clear sensation of coldness




    E-M.M. day 1                itching and redness of right nipple with sensitivity to touch

                                        Itching right nipple, itching over mandibula, white areas like

                                        mosquito bites

                day 3                itching right nipple

                day 4                abdomen reddish in the evening

                day 1-5             unclear skin between eyebrows and around mouth

    Th.K.    day 4                reddish papules at forehead and left thumb, painful on pressure

    M.L.      day 6               yellowish color of face

    M.H.     day 3                small open wound next to right corner of mouth, which is burning

                                        on touch




    D.St.    day 3                from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. extremely tired feeling

                day 7               attack of sleepiness at the evening

    Th.K.    day 5               tired and worn out feeling

                day 6               low energy

    I.M.      day 1-5            restless






    Uta Sanatos


    Cerastes seems to touch deeply the theme of femininity. Helpful for women who get stuck in the deelopment of the awareness of their beauty, femininity, eroticism, sexuality, vitality, and independence; the ykeep seearching the right shoes to walk their own authentic life, bashful, competing and comparing with other women, obstinately rebellious and thus dependant on the one they rebel against; finally they get more and more indifferent and hardened and sad untel there is a dull and weak.minded adaptation, as one of the provers perceied very clearly. A condition that reminds me of being totally drunk, as my patient, who was treated successfully with Cerastes, used to be many times.


    Many fantasies and associations could be created around this theme – a niche source of inspiration could be Clarissa Pinkola Estés who wrote “Woman Who Run itht he Wolves”, and her story about the girl with the red shoes.