Homeopathic case-taking for animals is delicate and it is not that easy to translate the features into the language of the repertory. Actually we are interested to collect substantial animal cases to publish them here, so that the homeopathic community can share their profound knowledge with each other and learn from each other. If you want to contribute a case of an animal cured with a single homeopathic remedy, please contact us HERE.

If you are able to understand German, there is a nice little video in our German section, offered to be published here with kind permission of the "Fort-und Weiterbildung für Tierärzte" as well as some written examples of how a case should be taken. If you are interested in seeing this, click HERE.

Below you will find a list of clinical Vet-cases. You may read the cases if you click on the remedy in question.

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External documentation or publication of any kind of this material, as well if used partially, like this data of clinical veterinary cases or the material of the Delphi Project and its collection of homeopathic cases, the material of our remedies collection, fotos et al., requires explicit, written permission of the board of the Meyenburg- Foundation or the author in advance.