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Proving of Filipendula ulmaria (2014) inserted

Dear colleagues, please find inserted a proving of Filipendula ulmaria, conducted in 2014 by Micha Norland and his son Mani

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new proving of Ubiquinone

If you like to read the proving of Ubiquinone, the Coenzyme Q 10, conducted at Durban University of Technology, South

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new proving and case of Tolypeutes tricinctus

we implemented a new proving of Tolypeutes tricinctus, the armadillo of Southamerica, proving conducted by Chetna Shukla, India. You find

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new proving panthera leo

A new double blind, placebo controlled proving of panthera leo (claws), the African lioness, conducted by a master student at

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New case of Melissa officinalis

A beautiful new case of Melissa officinalis has been sent by a colleague from the USA, please read the abstract

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new proving of Ostracion cubicus

If you are interested in this full proving document, a case is included as well, click Here

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Case of Erigeron canadensis

Here you find the abstract of the Erig.- case of a Swiss homeopath in English and German. Colleagues

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New proving of Posidonia oceanica

If you are looking for the new proving of Posidonia oceanica, click here.

It is available as PDF in English and

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5 new veterinarian cases

If you would like to read the five new vet cases treated with Ars, Alum, Phos, Sulph or Tub., click

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new proving of Struthio camelus, Israel

if you are interested to study the results of the proving of Struthio camelus, the common ostrich, please click more more



new proving of Bitis atropos

If you are interested in the full proving notes of bitis atropos, click here

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Case of Iberis amara

A new case of Iberis amara is kindly offered by an experienced homeopathic colleague of the United States, see the

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New proving of Odocoileus virginiana borealis and Ixodes dammini

New proving of Odocoileus virginiana borealis and Ixodes dammini (2014)

If you are interested in these provings, click here

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new proving of Hepatitis C and Cyclosporin

please click Here to get informed about Heptatitis C- Nosode

and Here for the proving document of Cyclosporin

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Proving of Ricinus communis

A proving of Ricinus communis (2006) is available Here

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Re-proving of Skookum chuck (1998)

The re-proving of Skookum chuck, conducted by the CCRH, India in 1998 as a multicentric randomized, double blind and placebo-

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New provings available, Promethium mur, Papaya et al.

New provings of Promethium muriaticum, Papaya et al.

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New provings available, Acridotheres tristis and Dendroaspis ang

See the area Provings to have a look to the new interesting trials!

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New substances for your hom. study, Cardi-h, Cordy, Calc.

For extended homeopathic study of our new and old materia medica, we implemented information on Cardiospermum halicacabum, Cordyceps sinensis and

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2 new cases for Delphi, Astac. + Carc.

2 new cases for your study added to the Delphi- Database, Astacus fluviatilis (7 month old child with atopic dermatitis) 

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