For Homeopaths

Our remedies-database provides in-depth information for a broad range of remedies. This includes medical use, toxicology, traditional use and other important information relevant for the prescription of these remedies. In addition, latest provings and, for some remedies, case studies are provided as well as an indication where these remedies can be bought. Registered users can update this information, or upload information for additional remedies. You get access by clicking "substances and homeopathic remedies" at the left.


External documentation or publication of any kind of this material, as well if used partially, like the material of the Delphi Project and its collection of homeopathic cases, the material of our remedies collection, fotos et al., requires explicit, written permission of the board of the Foundation Marion Meyenburg in advance.

The fotos of the substances in our remedy- database as well as the majority of information in the data base are given with kind permission to publish them here by:

ULMUS - Associazione per la ricerca e lo studio della Medicina Omeopatica - Italy

GUDJONS - Pharmacy, Germany

All rights of the fotos reserved to the owners