For Veterinarians

Homeopathy can be applied to all species of veterinary interest: domestic pets such as dogs and cats, farm animals such as cattle, pigs, small ruminants, rabbits, poultry, horses and exotic animals. It can be employed in various disciplines starting from internal medicine up to obstetrics, and it can be used as a therapeutic support during surgical operations.

Homeopathic remedies can be effective both in acute and chronic diseases as well as in emergency medicine.

Our internet pages offer the possibility for veterinarians to enhance their knowledge and information, by following the links to articles, books and published clinical studies. In the section dedicated to clinical cases, one can consult not only the singular cases and their follow-up, but also the method of prescription applied.

Recently, KHA released a first Veterinary Repertory for MacRepertory, developed by homeopathic veterinarians Richard Pittcairn, DVM PhD and Wendy Jensen, DVM