Homeopath: from Great Britain

    Abstract case Theridion curassavicum

    Female aged 33

    She was an attractive dark haired woman, with a fine bone structure, thin and petite. Her face was very pale. She was very friendly and smiled a lot as she talked. She made good contact and used my name frequently, as if we had known each other for years. Articulating clearly she spoke very quickly and was extremely animated in every way, moving a lot in her chair as she talked. She described herself as a performer (she acts and sings). Sitting forwards in her chair for most of the consultation, she gesticulated frequently and illustrated her story with various facial expressions and a wide range of different voices. She was witty and fluent, and needed very little prompting. In the corridor outside the room a door would occasionally bang shut, but softly not loudly. On each and every occasion she would react. I asked her about this.