Homeopath: from the U.S.A.


    Boy, 8 years of age,

    CC: Asperger’s Syndromes

    He shows strong behaviour-problems, throwing tantrums, yelling and screaming at people. He is incredibly hard headed, he closes off into this anger defiance, unhappiness. He shows strong mood swings and very often feels miserable., but he can have incredible highs, too. The slightest cause could either put him down, with nearly a desire to ruin his mood or really cheer him up. He likes to shock people. He had a faze where he grabbed between the legs of people, pulling the penis of other people.

    In 1 1/2 years under the remedy Androc. there was a beautiful change in his whole way of being. A graduate improvement as you would expect in such severe cases, the perscriber stuck to the remedy even though the progress was not very clear after 2 months, only after giving XM and waiting two more months it was very evident.

    The remedy also helped in acute accerbation of an old physical symptom- which was backpain.