Homeopath: from Germany


    Woman, 53 years of age, coming for allergic reactions, especially her eyes are involved with redness, swelling of conjunctivae and lids, especially left side and heavy feeling of the eye itself. She reacted on nuts, carrots, mascara and several other things. IGE and allergic tests were normal.

    When she was 20, she wrote a little note for her parents and left it on the table: "I am gone now", packed her luggage and moved to South of Germany. She said because she was not allowed to live the life she wanted.

    She had a special relation with cats. When she had a lover, the Siam- cat she had vomited into the shoes of the man of her choice. The cat chose her husband, in the way that only with him, this cat jumped onto his lab and did not vomit into his shoes. When she was angry, this had a intense and characteristic expression as well.

    Case currently available only in German