The Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) is the only national homeopathic association representing the interests of registered Homeopaths in Australia

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The Australian Register Of Homeopaths  (AROH) is the national register of accredited homeopaths in Australia. The board of AROH registers homeopaths who are qualified to government- endorsed standards.

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The Australian Council for Homeopathy you find Here


Homeopathic training courses are offered by these institutes:

University of Western Sydney

Bourke St.

Richmond NSW 2753, AUSTRALIA

A program in homeopathy has developed within this conventional university.

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Oceanic Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

404 Great Eastern Highway

West Midland 6056, WESTERN AUSTRALIA


Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy

P.O. Box 155

Daylesford, Victoria. 3460

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The Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine

P.O. Box 448, Sydney NSW 2040

tel 02 9564 673

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The Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy was formed in 1989 to provide training in the principles and practice of Homoeopathy according to the scientific system of Samuel Hahnemann. It is the only college in Melbourne solely dedicated to the study of Classical Homoeopathy.

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The Aurum- Project:

The Aurum Project aims to promote and develop research in the homeopathic profession and enable a pathway for homeopathic researchers. Theirvision is to provide contemporary evidence to validate and promote the use of high quality homeopathic treatment in Australia for childhood health and behavioural problems.

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