In Canada, the practice of homeopathic medicine is provincial jurisdiction while the regulation of homeopathic medicines is federal jurisdiction. 2007, the province of Ontario passed the Homeopathy Act to regulate the practice of homeopathy.

At present, the TCCHO (Transitional Council of Homeopaths of Ontario) have created the “Competency Profile for Entry to Practice Homeopaths Practicing in Ontario” and the “Performance Indicators for Homeopaths Practicing in Ontario”.

The Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada (HMCC) is the national organization for registered homeopathic doctors. They provide a minimum 3-years University training and in addition, a 4-years attendance at a recognized homeopathic institute is required before registration.

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The Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada (HMAC) was founded by qualified homeopathic doctors / practitioners and ensures high standards of quality care, they initiated the regulatory process mentioned above.

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NUPATH is the largest and oldest national professional association for homeopaths in Canada. While homeopathy is legal in Ontario, and there are many practitioners in other provinces, there was no national standards-setting body until NUPATH was established in 1993 to this end.

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University courses at the medical faculty of University of Laval, Quebec

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Training courses in Homeopathy are offered by:

The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy

1173 boul. du Mont-Royal, Outremont (Québec), H2V 2H6

tel (514) 279-6629

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The British Institute of Homoeopathy Canada

P.O. Box 46031, Ottawa - Ontario, K1J 9M7

tel 613-749-9762

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Homeopathic College of Canada

280 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1L4

tel (416) 481-8816

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Hahnemann Center for Homeopathy and Heilkunst

1445 St. Joseph Blvd., Ottawa ON K1C 7K9

tel 1-613-830-2556

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