Although only M.D.s are allowed to practice homeopathy, many lay-practitioners do so as well and this is tolerated. The two official schools only accept M.D.s, Escuela de Medicina Juan N. Corpas and Instituto Homeopatico Luis G. Paez. The National Ministry of Education now recognizes the “Fundacio?n Universitaria Escuela Colombiana de Homeopati?a “Luis G. Pa?ez” (FUNHOM)” as a university.

 Fundacio?n Universitaria Escuela Colombiana de Homeopati?a, Luis G. Paez

This foundation is a very serious institution and has been doing rigorous provings in the last decade. It is controlled only by MD's and has no recognition from the Colombian State. (.....) Everyone in Colombia, practitioners and MD´s in a way are practicing homeopathy illegally. This institute goes to a postgraduate level only for MDs and veterinary doctors. There is no undergraduate program in Colombia in the present.

(Dr. Professor Felipe Cárdenas Ph.D, June 2010)


University courses at the National University of Colombia

Curso Extensión Terapias Alternativas

Ciudad Universitaria

Cra 30, Calle 45


Tel: + 57- 1- 316 5000, ext. 15 148


Homeopathic Societies:

Asociacion Medica Homeopatica de Colombia (ASMHOC)

Cra. 46 N* 24-07, Santa Fe de Bogota

tel 290.1006


There are about 30 pharmacies in Bogota, 10 in Medellin.