In Norway there are no restrictions for homeopathy specifically, except some minor restrictions under the 1936 Act of Quackery (10)

A law for complementary therapies is introduced since 2004. Serious diseases and infectous diseases can only be treated by healthcare personnel.


There have been people practicing with homeopathic remedies since 1880 in Norway. What kind of therapy they offered is not certain, but nevertheless homeopathy appeared in the vocabulary at the end of 19th century. The first book written in Norwegian was published in 1893 and was written by O.M.Ohm with the title ''Praktisk Homøopatisk legehåndbok for hvermand''. Ohm practiced homeopathy in Bergen from about 1887-1900. Before his career as a homeopath he was a captain and sailed among other places to South-America.


Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund (NHL)

Storgaten 39, 0182 Oslo, Norway

tel: (47) 22 11 12 99

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Klassiske Homøopaters Forening(KHF)

Arildsgt. 3, N-7018 Trondheim

tel 73 96 70 11/ 970 30 533

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