In Spain, only medical doctors may practise homeopathy. In December 2009, the Spanish medical Association published a resolution, in which practising homeopathy is recognized as an official method for doctors.



The first Spanish homeopathic hospital was founded in 1878. Nowadays is devoted to teaching homeopathy and assisting older people with few economic resources.

Fundacion Instituto Homeopatico y Hospital de San Jose

Eloy Gonzalo, 3 y 5

28010 Madrid

tel 34-1-4466076

Internet: Here


MareNostrum – Centro de salud familiar in Barcelona offers homeopathic treatment before and during pregnancy and birth. Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, a German M.D. with more than 20 years of profound experience in classical homeopathy is the leader of this center. Internet: Here




Since 1993, Homeopathy is taught at University of Valladolid, from 2nd part of medical studies onward, Internet: Here. Training takes 2 years and is finished with  a diploma "Homeopathy Univ.". Medical doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists may participate in this training.


At the Universidad de Sevilla, "Master de Homeopatia" is offered.

Information ata the Facultad de Medicina de Sevilla

Tel: + 34- 95- 45 17 75

Fax: +34- 95- 490 59 70


At the University del Pais Vasco, Bilbao, "Master de Homeopatia" is offered.

Tel: +34- 94- 480 18 99

Mail: Here


Universidad de Murcia: "Curso de Especialista Universitario en Homeopatia",Internet: Here




Fundacion Bosch i Gimperá, Aragon: "Curso de Postgrado en Homeopatia"

Tel: +34- 93- 323 48 36

Fax: +34- 93- 451 34 04


The  Federación Española de Médicos Homeópatas (FEMH), Internet: Here


The Sociedad Espanola de Medicina Homeopatica (SEMH) is supporting the scientific developement in homeopathy. They promote exchanging experience between colleagues and societies to support communication in the homeopathic area. (Internet: Here)


Akademia Medico Homeopathica de Barcelona (AMHB): Internet: Here