In South Africa, Homeopathy is regulated by the Allied Health Professions Act, together with the Regulations to the said Act.

Any person wishing to practice Homeopathy in any way whatsover within the boarders of South Africa must be registered with the AHPCSA. Registration is a legal requirement and under South African Law it is a criminal offense to practice homeopathy without registration.

The legal scope of practice of a homeopathic practitioner is very similar to that of a conventional medical practitioner. The scope includes as well the homeopaths comparable to the Naturopathic practitioner

Nowadays, the only training recognised by the AHPCSA is a five year full-time Masters degree in Homoeopathy offered at the University of Johannesburg (Internet: Here) and  

Durban University of Technology (Internet: Here).

The practise of Homeopathy in South Africa requires medical training as prerequisite, either via the medically based homeopathic Masters Degree course (MTech-Hom) or once a medical practitioner is registered for independent practice, by way of the Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathy offered by the South African Faculty of Homeopathy (Internet: Here)

The Homoeopathic Association of South Africa (HSA) is recognised by the Allied Health Professions Council of SA as the official representative of the Homoeopathic Profession in South Africa.

Internet: Here