Medical doctors and dentists are allowed to practise homeopathy as well as lay practitioners. Medical doctor's homeopathic qualifcation has to be proved and documented to the FMH, the Swiss Medical Association and regular postgraduate training is required.


Legislation for lay practitioners varies from canton to canton. in 24 out of 26 cantons, it is legal to practise homeopathy.

At two Swiss universities (Bern, Zürich) a chair in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been established, providing familiarisation courses on homeopathy and other CAM modalities in the undergraduate medical curriculum.


In 1/11, the minister of health decided to integrate homeopathic treatment into the national health care system from 2012 onwards for the following 5 years.


The members of the Swiss Homeopathic Association (SVHA)are medical doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists and students. This association is recognized by the Swiss Medical Association FMH and responsible for the homeopathic training programs and diplomas, including homeopathic diplomas for veterinarians and pharmacists. Training includes at minimum 400 hours, in addition 2 years of practical experience is required.

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Training Colleges:

SHI Homöopathie Schule

Steinhauserstrasse 51, CH - 6300 Zug

tel +41 41 / 748 21 80

Internet: Here

Since 2007, the Diploma of this homeopathic school is officially recognized by the canton Zug.


Homeopathic Hospital: In this clinic, serious diseases like cancer and other chronic diseases are treated with classical homeopathy.


Clinica Santa Croce

Via Al Parco 27

CH 6644 Orselina / Locarno

Tel: +41- 91- 735 41 41

Fax: +41- 91- 735 54 143

Internet: Here