Only medical doctors are allowed to study and practice homeopathy in Venezuela. There exists a long standing relationship between Mexico and Venezuela, as in the sixties, Proceso Sánchez Ortega and David Flores Toledo came over from Mexico to teach homeopathy and later, Tomás Paschero from Argentina.


The Sociedad Venezolana de Medicina Homeopatica is the organization representing homeopathic interests in Venezuela.

La Asociación Médica Homeopática Venezolana teaches classical homeopathy, like the SVMH mentioned above does as well.

Since 1971, La Escuela Médica Homeopática Venezolana (EMEHOV, Mail:Here) provides training in homeopathy, and about 700 MDs have completed post-graduate study in homeopathy.

There are about 50 homeopathic pharmacies all over the country.

Training at University level at the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia

Dr. Carlos Callegari, Faculdad de Medicina