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Abies nigra

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According to the Pueblo Indians, the Great fir of the Underworld was the ladder by which the ancients, evolving from crawling creatures into human beings, gradually ascended through zone from the underworld into the sun world. The Hopi Indians believe that their ancestors climbed up two pine trees and two plants, a reed and a sunflower and, encouraged by the singing of Mockingbird and Spider Woman, broke through a hole in the earth and were assigned their place and language in the World of Light. The ancient ancestors of the Zuni tribe are said to have climbed four trees – a pine, a fir, an aspen, and a spruce – to break through the zones of the underworld.”

Walking, Henry David Thoreau
I believe in the forest, and in the meadow, and in the night in which the corn grows. We require an infusion of hemlock, spruce or arbor vitae in our tea. There is a difference between eating and drinking for strength and from mere gluttony. The Hottentots eagerly devour the marrow of the koodoo and other antelopes raw, as a matter of course. Some of our northern Indians eat raw the marrow of the Arctic reindeer, as well as various other parts, including the summits of the antlers, as long as they are soft. And herein, perchance, they have stolen a march on the cooks of Paris. They get what usually goes to feed the fire. This is probably better than stall-fed beef and slaughterhouse pork to make a man of. Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure--as if we lived on the marrow of koodoos devoured raw.