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Acalypha indica

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Action and Uses.—Acalypha is an irritant to the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. It is used as a substitute for ipecacuanha. The drug acts reflexly through the stomach in small doses; it also acts as an expectorant arid, in larger doses, as an emetic. This drug has also been used as a laxative and anthelmintic.
The expressed juice of the plant, mixed with oil, has the reputation of being an excellent liniment in arthritic and syphilitic affections.
 Fresh leaves grounded into a paste and are made into a ball (marble-size) for introducing into the rectum of children to cure acute constipation. Leaves possess emetic and diuretic properties and are used to cure earache, acute mania, bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia.

Anthelmintic Activity
Antibacterial Activity
Antifungal Activity
Antiimplantation Effect
Antimicrobial Activity(Unspecified)
Cholinesterase Inhibition
Estrogenic Effect
Immunostimulant Activity
Lymphocyte Proliferation Stimulation
Pheromone(Animal Estrus Inducer)
Vermicide Activity
Wound Healing Acceleration

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