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Aconitum cammarum

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Clinical information, Aconitum cammarum:

--- Headache with vertigo and tinnitus
--- Cataleptic symptoms

--- Formication of tongue, lips and face: "Its first indication was peculiar biting and cooling, sensation on the tongue,

    always associated with increased secretion of s saliva, after which there came on the crawling. The symptom always

    observed a definite order; it always appeared firs on the tip of the tongue, then over the upper surface of the tongue

    and on the lips, extending to the posterior portion of the mouth, then began in the tips of the fingers, then in the face,

    and above all in the suprahyoid region and on the chin, then in the cheeks and tips of the toes, on the perinaeum,

    chest, abdomen, and lastly, on the back.
    It was most violent in the forehead, least violent in the latter regions.
    On observing attentively the order in which this symptom appears it will be seen that it affects the different parts of the

    body in the same order in which Weber's measure of touch determines the sensitiveness.
    The crawling cannot be described; it seemed like the result of pressure on the sciatic nerve, yet it is peculiar; it is not

    like formication, prickling, nor tickling, but rather a mixture of all these. " (Allen Encyclopedia)