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Aconitum napellus

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Botanical uses: Anodyne, diuretic and diaphoretic. The value of Aconite as a medicine has been more fully realized in modern times, and it now rank as one of our most useful drugs. It is much used in homoeopathy. On account of its very poisonous nature, all medicines obtained from it come, however, under Table 1 of the poison schedule: Aconite is a deadly poison.
Both tincture and liniment of Aconite are in general use, and Aconite is also used in ointment and sometimes given as hypodermic injection. Preparations of Aconitc are employed for outward application locally to the skin to diminish the pain of neuralgia, lumbago and rheumatism.
The official tincture taken internelly diminishes the rate and force of the pulse in the early stages of fevers and slight local inflammations, such as feverish cold, larnyngitis, first stages of pneumonia and erysipelas; it relieves the pain of neuralgia, pleurisy and aneurism. In cardiac failure or to prevent same it has been used with success, in acute tonsilitis children have been well treated by a dose of 1 to 2 minims for a child 5 to 10 years old; the dose for adults is 2 to 5 minims, three times a day.
---Note---The tincture of Aconite of the British Pharmacopoeia 1914 is nearly double the strength of that in the old Pharmacopoeia of 1898.
Externally the linament as such or mixed with chloroform or belladonna liniment is useful in neuralgia or rheumatism. [A Modern Herbal; Mrs. M. Grieve]

Actions:    ANODYNE, Cardiac, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Sedative

Uses:    External:    Lotion
Salve: Painkiller: Neuralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Deep Pain
Internal:    Facial neuralgia, Gout Pain, Neuralgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
Tincture:    1 drop dose: Heart Failure, High Fevers, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Tonsillitis
Painkiller:    Arthritis, Neuralgia, Sciatica
Homeopathic ("Completely safe"):    Asthma, Bronchial Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Conditions Due to Dry, Cold & Windy Weather, Fear (especially of death), Fevers (Acute, Sudden & Violent), Flu, Insulin Shock, Paralysis due to stroke, Restlessness (Mental & Physical), Shock
Contains:    Aconitine: used to be used in treating neuralgia and rheumatism.

Asthma, Athritis, Bronchial Attacks, Cardiac Arrest, Fears, Fevers (Acute, Sudden & Violent), Flu, Gout, Head Colds, Hearing (Oversensitive, induced by fright), Heartbeat (Irregular), Inflamed Gums, Insulin Shock, Measles, Nervous Fevers, Neuralgia (Including Facial), Pain, Paralysis due to stroke, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Sedative, Shock, Skin Problems (Chronic), Smell (Oversensitive, induced by fright), Tonsillitis.