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Echinacea purpurea

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If listed as Echinacea spp. Compositae: the biochemical constituents have been recorded as follows: essential oil containing the oncolytic hydrocarbon (z)-1,8- pentadecadiene, polysaccharide 1 (a heteroxylan) containing arabinose, xylose, glactose, glucose, and 4-0-methylgluronic acid; polysaccharide 2 (an arabinorhamnogalactic) containing rhamnose, arabinose, galactose, and glucuronic acid; echinacen (an isoabutylkyamide comprising 0.01% of the dried root of E. angustifolia and 0.001% of the dried root of e. pallida); echinolone (appolyacetylene compound from E. angustifolia); echinacoside ( a glycoside found in E. angustifolia, at concentrations of 1% of root preparations); echinacin B; an unsaturated aliphatic sesquiterpene*; betain; insulin; inuloid; fructose; sucrose; higher fatty acids; 6.9% protein in air dried roots of E, angustifolia, 5.3% in E. purpurea; tannin; vitamin C; enzymes; an unidentified glucoside; resin; acids and thirteen polyacetylene compounds 13 (there is a theory that these are formed during storage, since it is said that they are found in dried but not fresh roots of E. pallida).