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Ephedra sinensis

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Ephedra vulgaris, L


Ephedra from greek "on site"

Vulgaris (Common)


Traditional name

Steppe raspberry of Russia

Brigham Weed

Somalatha (Sanskrit)

Ma Huang (Chinish)

Herb of the Sun

Mormon Plant





Used parts

Ticture of branches and flowers


Plantae; Spermatophyta, Gymnospermae; Cycadopsida; Gnetatae; Gnetaceae



Original proving

B.H. Monravow: Am. Hom't, V. 21, p. 237.

and in 1997 by master prover Dr. Juergen Hansel, Germany


Description of the substance

Ephedra is a genus of gymnosperm shrubs, the only genus in the family Ephedraceae and order Ephedrales. These plants occur in dry climates over a wide area mainly in the northern hemisphere

It is found on sandy seashores and in temperate climates of both hemispheres. The plant has stamens and pistils on separate flowers - staminate flowers in catkins and a membraneous perianth, pistillate flowers terminal on axillary stalks, within a two-leaved involucre. Fruit has two carpels with a single seed in each and is a succulent cone, branches slender and erect, small leaves, scale-like, articulated and joined at the base into a sheath.



Southern Europe north to N.W. France, to southern Slovakia and Ukraine, and to Siberia.

Generally on stony or coastal sandy soils, at 100-900 m elevation.