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Erigeron canadiensis

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Why is this called Horseweed? I don't know, but someone said "probably because of its common occurrence in horse pastures." It is also called Mare's-tail, Colt's-tail and Mule-tail. Often it is called Canada Fleabane, possibly in reference to a reputed or real usage of it or one of its close cousins in repelling fleas. Some other names for this remarkable creature: Prideweed, Butterweed, Hogweed, and Bloodstaunch. I prefer to call the plant Freeway Weed. Few weeds are so characteristic of dry, sunny, litter-strewn, compacted freeway edges. Even the worst soils, and tiniest cracks in concrete, suit the simple requirements of this summer weed. Besides freeway vicinities, Horseweed thrives in vacant lots, dry, neglected garden beds, and general waste places or weed fields. This weed stays green and reproduces even in dusty, sandy beaches, railroad tracks, and warehouse parking-lots.