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Fagopyrum esculentum

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Female, born 1929, she comes with son and daughter-in-law; a vivid lady, loquacious and friendly, I am sure she has been attractive, today her skin in the face is red and desquamating on her lids; during the consultation she sometimes turns to her son, as if something interesting had come to her mind which she then tells him, while letting me wait; I perceive it like the performance of "la grande dame", who is accustomed to let people wait. she is wearing a joggingsuit much too large for her thin body; she excuses for her outfit saying she could not wear anything tight because of her skin; nevertheless she has her arms and legs bandaged like a mummy, because otehrwise she would scratch herself to death during night, like a swarm of grashoppers; during physical examination I see, that her legs are swollen and brownish, like in a chronic atrophic dermatitis.