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Gallium nitrate

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gallium nitrate



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Minerals; Inorganic; Column Three



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Description of the substance

The single-crystal GaN substrates are 500 µm thick and have greater than 90% usable area for circuit fabrication. The 2-inch-diameter substrates are N-type and may be used as base material for a variety of applications in communications and semiconductor products, covering a range of systems from optical storage to wireless handsets to radar (Semiconductor Business News, 2002a§).

Lumileds Lighting announced a new application in dentistry for its blue GaN-based LEDs operating at around 460 nm. The LEDs are used in place of conventional halogen lamps for curing polymers, which are part of the composite material used to fill teeth. According to Lumileds, several companies are now incorporating its Luxeon V Dental LED-based light source in dental light-curing devices, which provide faster curing times, easier use, and consume less energy than current products. Traditionally, most blue light sources in dentistry use tungsten filament halogen lamps that incorporate a blue filter to produce light in the 400 to 500 nm region. LEDs offer a number of advantages compared with tungsten for such applications. The use of a monochromatic light source eliminates the need for inefficient color filters, while the low voltage direct-current operation allows small handheld and cordless designs. Halogen lamps require intensive fan cooling, and have a short lifetime compared to LED sources.