Substances & Homeopatic Remedies

Hepatica triloba

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Medicinal Action and Uses

Demulcent, tonic, astringent, vulnerary. It has been described as 'an innocent herb which may be taken freely in infusion and in syrup.' It is a mild remedy in disorders of the liver, indigestion, etc., and possessing pectoral properties it is employed in coughs, bleeding of the lungs and diseases of the chest generally.
The infusion, made from 1 oz. of the dried herb to 1 pint of boiling water, is slightly astringent and mucilaginous. Frequent doses of 1/2 teacupful have been recommended in the early stages of consumption. In some countries the whole plant is regarded as a vulnerary and astringent. In cataplasms it is valued in hernia, affections of the urinary passages and skin diseases.
A distilled water is used for freckles and sunburn. Though in use from ancient days, its mild character has caused it to be little used.