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On the forehead of the newborn colt is found a poisonous substance called hippomanes which is used in love potions, and if it is immediately removed, the mare will not suckle the foal. The horse's lust can be cured by cutting its mane.

We next come to speak of hippomanes, which, amongst sorceries, are not accounted the least: and this is a little venemous piece of flesh, the size of a fig, and black, which is in the forehead of a colt newly foaled, which, unless the mare herself doth presently eat, she will hardly ever love her foles, or let them suck; and this is a most powerful philter to cause love, if it be powdered, and drank in a cup with the blood of him that is in love: such a potion was given to Medea by Jason.

…So great power is there in fascination that many uncommon and wonderful things are thereby effected, especially when the vapours of the eyes are subservient to the affection; therefore collyries, ointments, alligations, &,c. are used to affect and corroborate the spirit in this or that manner: to induce love, they use venereal collyriums, as hippomanes, blood of doves, &c. To induce fear, they use martial collyriums, as the eyes of wolves, bear's fat, and the civet-cat. To procure misery, or sickness, they use saturnine, and so on.

…The so-called hippomanes grows, as has stated, on the foal, and the mare nibbles it off as she licks and cleans the foal. All the curious stories connected with the hippomanes are due to old wives and to the venders of charms. What is called the 'polium' or foal's membrane, is, as all the accounts state, delivered by the mother before the foal appears.

Small piece of flesh, usually black, on the head of a newborn foal, which the mother usually licks off. The mere touch of hippomanes arouses lust, as it also does when worn as an amulet. To win love, give it to the one you desire in his food or drink; it is especially powerful when mixed with your own blood. The term is also applied to "a venomous liquor issuing out of the share of a mare at the time she lusts after the hourse."