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Hirudo officinalis

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The treatment by medical leech Hirudo medicinalis (hirudinization) has been known from the ancient time. Nowadays, when the hirudinization has been scientifically grounded, it becomes one of branches of modern medicine. The alive leeches are successfully used in treatment of cardio-vascular, neurological, gynecological, urological and many other widespread chronic diseases designated as the diseases of civilization. One of the uses of the leeches is in healing after surgical operations. A wide therapeutical effect of leeching is due to a presence of biologically active substances in their salivary glands. The most known of them is hirudin. Hirudin has the following actions: anticoagulative, antithrombotic, thrombolytic, anti-ischemic, hypotensive, immunostimulative, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgetic, and anti-atherosclerotic. Biologically active substances from leech salvary glands are employed as a raw material for production of drugs and cosmetics