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Hura brasiliensis

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Past uses - In Dukeís Ethanobotanical Database, the following uses and/or effects are listed:
Carcinogenic  ( marked), poisonous- Lewis
Toothache - Duke
Elephantiasis, a powerful insecticide, arrow poison - Woi
Leprosy - Altschul, Duke
Insect repellent - Duke
Piscicide- Liogier, Woi
Aperient - Woi

In Surinam, the leaves are still used for the treatment of eczema. An infusion of the leaves in oil has been used for the relief of rheumatism, as this had a good rubifacient action.

The milky juice called Assacu by the Brazilians of Hura is as powerful as that of the better-known Euphorbians.
     It has been used in leprosy, when skin feels as if it were hide bound. A case of leprosy having been reported cured with Assacu led to its extensive use in this disease, though, as Mure (who proved it) says without curing any others. Two of his provers had been affected with leprosy, but under homeopathic treatment they seemed to have got well. One of them during the proving had symptoms of compression of the spinal marrow with very great suffering. Planets: Saturn.