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Juniperus communis

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Traditional Use:
An herbal remedy for urinary obstructions.
An herbal remedy for edema.
An herbal remedy for hypertension.
An herbal remedy for psoriasis. *
An herbal remedy for moist eczema. *

The 1997 Commission E on Phytotherapy and Herbal Substances of the German Federal Institute for Drugs recommends Juniper berry for 'Dyspepsia.'
Juniper is often combined with other diuretic and antimicrobial herbs for bladder and kidney conditions. The volatile oils cause an increase in urine volume, which seems to lower uric acid levels.

Grieve's classic 'A Modern Herbal': 'Oil of Juniper is given as a diuretic, stomachic, and carminative in indigestion, flatulence, and diseases of the kidney and bladder. Spirit of Juniper has properties resembling Oil of Turpentine: it is employed as a stimulating diuretic in cardiac and hepatic dropsy. The fruit is readily eaten by most animals, especially sheep, and is said to prevent and cure dropsy in the latter.'

Powerful diuretic. For short term use only, when used internally.
NOTE: Juniper berries were also known by the name 'bastard berries', and were used to induce abortion, as were many varieties of Juniper (such as Savin). Juniper oil was at one time in common use as an application to skin diseases and parasites in domestic animals.

Juniper has been used to clear uric acid from the body. It is high in natural insulin, and has the ability to heal the pancreas where there has been no permanent damage. It is useful for all urinary infections and for water retention problems, as well as gout. Chewing the berries treats inflamed and infected gums. Juniper is used externally as a compress to treat acne, athlete's foot, and dandruff.  Juniper is also used as a remedy for gout, improve digestion, reduce excess gas, fight intestinal worms, treat sleep problems and to relieve stress. Used in massage oil, it is useful for the female system and for the skin.

- 1 T (15 g) juniper berries
- 2 t (10 g) marshmallow root
- 2 t (10 g) parsley root
- 2 T (5 g) horsetail leaves
- 1 t (5 g) angelica seeds
- 4 cups (1 liter) water
Boil all the plants in the water for 7 minutes. Infuse 30 minutes and strain. Drink all the liquid in 3 servings, before meals, and extend the cure from 7 to 21 days to pass kidney stones, and to relieve all types of water retention and rheumatism.