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Kali bichromicum

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In the industrial poisoning in the English factories it is always striking (according to Drysdale) that fat and light haired people are especially susceptible to kali bichromicum, which can serve as a constitutional sign. Likewise in these workers in chrome factories the modality of aggravation of many symptoms in hot weather was observed.

(Leeser' Inorganic Medicines)

Treatment of Diphtheria:

"Bichromate of Potash and Biniodide of Mercury, given in alternation; at first a dose every 1/2 hour, and as improvement advanced, every hour or two; cured 241 cases of diphtheria in succession. The mode of administering the medicines was this: Two perfectly clean 2 ounce bottles, with well - fitting corks, were procured; and into one was put 5 grains of a one per cent. trituration of Bichromate of Potash (Section 56, A); and into the other, 5 grains of a one per cent. trituration of the Biniodide of Mercury (Section 56, A). Then each bottle was filled up with water, and well shaken; and to a child from 5 to 7 years of age was given a teaspoonful at a dose, alternating the two kinds as above stated. No external applications used; and no gargle except in some cases, alcohol and water mixed, in the proportion of about 1 part of 4. If the disease seemed held in check for several days, even without positive evidence of improvement, it always finally yielded to the treatment. If croup supervened, the Mercury was left off, and the whole dependence placed upon the Bichromate of Potash alone, which was given in enlarged doses every 15 or 20 minutes, aided by inhalations of steam received into the mouth through a paper funnel, from a vessel containing the pure crystals of the Bichromate of Potash, steeping in hot water. Five cases were cured in this way. "
(Jones' Medical Genius)

Treatment of Influenza
"In Washington the epidemic remedy was and is Kali bichromicum, for fresh cases are still presenting themselves.  I grew really ashamed of prescribing Kali-bi. so often and told myself I was becoming an empiricist.  Then I would use another remedy, given on a few of its characteristic symptoms, and come to grief.  The patient would grow worse and would show clearer indications for Kali-bi. next day.

I was always filling up the Kali-bi. bottles and giving this remedy to one patient after another with signal success.  Patients were very ill, as a rule, calling the doctor.  Generally they were markedly better next day and well in one or two days more, with very little of the dragging convalescence, which has been so prevalent as to become a part of "grippe" or "Flu" in the popular mind.  

Proceedings of the International Hahnemannian Association, 47th Session, page 182.  "Kali-Bichromicum in Influenza in Washington," by Julia M. Green, M.D., Washington, D.C.