Substances & Homeopatic Remedies


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Clinical information:

NOSE; DISCHARGE; bloody (K329, G277) (Epistaxis) (153) *
NOSE; DISCHARGE; crusts, scabs, inside (K330, G278) (144) **
NOSE; DISCHARGE; scanty (K332, G280) (8) *
NOSE; PAIN; sore, bruised; inside (K347, G291) (135) *
FEMALE; CANCER (Erosion) (Tumors) (112) *
FEMALE; CANCER; Uterus (K715, G610) (Tumors; Uterus) (109) *
LARYNX & TRACHEA; CROUP (K747, G636) (Laryngismus) (COUGH; Croupy) (80) *
RESPIRATION; ROUGH (K775, G659) (24) *
RESPIRATION; ROUGH; sawing (K775, G659) (Snoring) (10) **
COUGH; SUFFOCATIVE (K806, G682) (Choking) (RESPIRATION; Arrested; coughing) (107) *