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Lactuca virosa

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Wild lettuce can be prepared as a beverage and can be smoked as an extract : -Let the wild lettuce soak, for one night, in liquor (10 grams/300ml). -Filter the beverage. It is now drinkable, but it can also be made into the extract, lactucarium. -The liquid (min. 500ml) should be vaporized, leaving a brown residue. -Never use a aluminium vaporizing dish, always use a glass or porcelain. The residue can be scraped off and it can be smoked in a similar manner as opium. Lactucarium smells like opium and tastes as bitter. The best way to smoke lactucarium is to use an opiumpipe, because direct contact of the extract with fire lessens its effects. After heating, the lactucarium starts to bubble and the smoke should be inhaled
Used to Treat: nervous cough .