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Lamium album

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Nicholas Culpepper
(17th century astrologer-physician)
"The Archangels are somewhat hot and drier than the Stinging Nettles and better used for the stopping and hardness of the spleen. Flowers of the White Archangel are preserved or conserved to be used to stay the whites, and the flowers of the Red to stay the reds, in women. It makes the heart merry, drives away melancholy, quickens the spirits, is good against the quartan agues, stauncheth bleeding at the mouth and nose if it be stamped and applied to the nape of the neck. The herb bruised and with salt and vinegar and hog's-grease laid upon a hard tumour or swelling , or that vulgarly called the king's evil, do help to dissolve or discuss them. In like manner applied, it doth much allay the pains and give ease to the gout, sciatica and other pains of the joints and sinews. It is also very effectual to heal green wounds and old ulcers. It draweth forth splinters and is very good against bruises and burnings. The Yellow Archangel is most commended for old, filthy, corrupt sores and ulcers, although they be hollow, and to dissolve tumours.
Agues - malarial or intermittent fever.
King's evil - glandular swellings, tendency to tuberculosis.