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Leonthopodium alpinum

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On the Austrian euro coins, a picture of Edelweiss is used on the two-euro-cent coins.
On the Romanian 50 Lei banknote.
Edelweiss Society
In Austria, Edelweiß is also a brand of beer named after the flower.
Edelweiss is the unofficial national flower of Switzerland.
It appears in the logos of both the German and Austrian alpine societies.
In its bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics the city of Salzburg uses a Edelweiss flower like the emblem.[1]
Edelweiss Air, an international airline based in Switzerland, is named after the flower, which also appears in its logo.
Edelweiss is a theme and song ("Edelweiss") in the musical and movie The Sound of Music, which takes place in Austria.
"Bring me Edelweiss" is the best-known song of the music group Edelweiss.
The Edelweiss was established 1907 as the sign of the Austrian-Hungarian alpine troops by Emperor Franz Joseph I. These original 3 Regiments wore their edelweiss on the collar of their uniform. During World War I (1915) the Edelweiss was granted to the German alpine troops, for their bravery. Today it's still the sign of the Austrian and German alpine troops.
Established 1907 by the Austrian-Hungarian Army for their alpine troops, the sign was used in WWII by the Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger - here as Edelweiss cap badge.Edelweiss was a badge of Edelweiss Pirates (Edelweisspiraten) -- the anti-Nazi youth groups in Third Reich. It was worn on the clothes (eg. a blouse or a suit).
The Edelweiss flower was in fact the symbol of Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger, or mountain troops, worn as a metal pin on the left side of the mountain cap, on the band of the service dress cap, and as a patch on the right sleeve.
The rank insignia of Swiss generals has Edelweiss signs instead of stars. A Korpskommandant for example (equivalent to a Lieutenant General in other countries) wears three Edelweiss signs on his collar instead of three stars.
This flower appears prominently in the comic book adventure Asterix in Switzerland where the protagonists attempt to procure an Edelweiss for its use in an antidote.
The flower is also known as the mark of a true soldier to militaries that live in the regions where it grows