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Leonthopodium alpinum

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Traditionally, Edelweiss teas and infusions of the herb in hot milk sweetened with honey were used in the curing of diarrhea and dysentery. It also proved beneficial in combating   ailments like tuberculosis and diphtheria.
Documented, remedial benefits of Edelweiss have more recently been augmented by new pharmaceutical research, and novel applications in the cosmetics and skincare industry. This  ensures a strong demand in the future for the valuable extract made out of this plant.

Edelweiss-Extract is now added to some high end skincare products because Edelweiss's natural compounds have the ability to neutralize free radicals, and are preventing amplification of those super oxides involved in the aging processes of skin.

Furthermore, naturally present UV light absorbing chemicals in this high altitude plant, make the extracts derived from Edelweiss an ideal  additive in sun blocks.  

In addition, the Edelweiss plants content of bio-flavonoids, enables preparations to strengthen the walls of blood vessels which is useful in the treatment of some vascular problems.