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Magnesia carbonica

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Themes of Magnesium carbonicum:

--- Tension, strong tension is unbearable (on emot. level: conflicts, fights, war), so they harmonize and look for peace,


--- Contraction, physically (cramps) and emotionally (withdrawal)

--- Orphan feeling, often due to separation of parents, compensation then is looking for support in groups outside of





--- milk agg., as well: refuses mothers milk

--- catarrh before menses

--- touch agg.

--- stretching amel, must stretch


Clinical information:

--- Spasms (cramps in calves, abdominal cramps, cramps (often during) menses, trembling, starting...)

--- Nerves (for example: neuralgic pains, weakness, starting... )

--- supports the immune and lymphatic system


(Reference: extract from own cases by Dr.Ose Hein)