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Magnesia phosphorica

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Massimo Mangialavori:



Unsuccessful efforts.  Magnesia phosphorica too reports easily symptoms in this direction, and as the other members of this family, very often we can find out symptoms like this reported in dreams or delusions, where in comparison with the other Magnesiae, it is more often evident the problem of living his pretended sexual pleasure, again in a kind of ambivalent situation, as if Magnesia phosphorica can feel the strong drive to satisfy this instinct [impulse, urge] and on the other side being unable to communicate, almost condemned for ever to a kind of masturbatory tendency where this pleasure can be more often reached only by himself.  About his dreams and delusions, in Magnesia phosphorica too is recurring the dream of unsuccessful communication, as if they try continuously to be open to this with no possibility.



Dissatisfaction.  Magnesia phosphorica too shows quite easily symptoms of difficulties in pleasing his body, even if this symptomatology could sound sometimes contradictory because they could give the impression of being often very sexually involved, not only in adults, but in kids as well.  But coming back to what I said before, in my experience with this remedy, there seems to be always clear an onanistic or masturbatory attitude, not only as a symptomatology, but also as a general tendency to be able to perceive any possible pleasure sharing this experience with someone else.



Nausea.  According to my experience as I described in the case of Magnesia carbonica, for Magnesia phosphorica too, there is an evident tendency to be unable to succeed in pushing out and expressing clearly his suffering.  But in my cases, I've seen that in this family, Magnesia phosphorica is the most extroverted, platerale [= someone who shows more openly and more dramatically his suffering in comparison with the others].  So while in the case of the other Magnesiae, the nausea seems to be a more introverted symptomatology, more often perceived from the patient who is almost ashamed to express this symptomatology outside, in the case of Magnesia phosphorica, it's more predominant a symptomatology of eructation, hiccough or cramping pain with retching, even if at the end seems to be anyway very difficult to be able to vomit, and even if when the patient is able to reach this point, his vomiting seems to be profuse, continuous, almost not satisfying the desire of emptying his stomach, perceiving the same sense of acidity and sourness that we can see in the other Magnesiae.



Emaciation.  Like the other members of this group we can easily have to do mainly with lean people, chilly, and giving not an impression of a strong, stout person, even if coming back to what I described before, my experience is mainly in the direction of an overexhausted person, where is not only present like in the other Magnesiae the tendency of not being able to put on substance and weight, but also the clear tendency of consuming easily and quickly the little energy they could store.



Passionale, non sta fermo facilmente. Il movimento per lui é vita, dinamismo, fermarsi é noia, quasi morire. Slanci rapidi ed improvvisi, salvo esaurirsi velocemente. L'energia si consuma presto.
Desiderio di viaggi, di conoscere posti, luoghi e persone nuove, nuove culture, usanze, costumi. Molta curiosità.
Attività anche nell'intenzione: il voler agire.