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The name Medusa (not the jellyfish) is used in a Greek myth.

Medusa is one among the Gorgon sisters, the only mortal among the daughters of Phrokys & Keto. Medusa was detested, because she made love with Poseidon in the temple of Athene or Athena, which was seen as a desecration (note: Human sex is seen as soiling or as not so Godly sex). The beautiful face and hair of medusa was mutated into a facies and snake like hair, so horrible as to petrify onlookers. All who looked upon her were turned into stone. Perseus found Medusa asleep and without looking at her face Pegasus emerged from the lethal wound of medusa. As if to escape from her death Perseus gave the head of Medusa to Athena who fixed it onto her shield or Aeguis or Aegis.

Some thousands of years ago another Greek hero, Hercules, battled with the nine-headed monster Hydra, the guard of the underworld. While he was busy cutting off the monster's heads, he discovered that wherever he cut off a head, two new ones appeared. This would seem to infer that the battle against evil is a lost cause and invariably ends in humans being overwhelmed.