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Mercurius nitrosus

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mercurius nitrosus


Mercury is named after the fleed-footed Roman god Mercury. Hg, its chemical symbol, derives from the Latin name, hydrargyrum, which means liquid silver.


Traditional name

English: Mercury nitrate

Used parts



Salt of Mercury
Molecular formula: Hg(NO3)2


Original proving

Description of the substance

Mercurius nitrosus is a  white to yellow crystalline powder with nitric acid odour, it is soluble in water and melts at 70°C with partial decompensation. It's a stable salt, which is incompatible with strong reducing agents, combustible materials, most common metals.
It is a strong oxidizing agent and acts as a nitrogen carrier.
By spontaneous
chemical reaction it can be a fire hazard.
There is a violent reaction with carbon and phosphorous.
Contaminated water or mineral runoff may pollute water supply