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Mercurius nitrosus

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Mercury nitrate is highly toxic by ingestion and other routes of exposure.  Inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption may be fatal. Neurological hazard can occur. It is readily absorbed through the skin and may cause delayed cyanosis through the formation of methemoglobin. By contact with the skin it causes burns.
The toxicological symptoms are like the toxic symptoms in metallic mercury:
Metallic taste in mouth
Excess salivation alternating with very dry mouth
Swelling of tongue and gums
Burning sensation in the mouth
White patches on tongue and inside cheeks (Lichenoid lesions)
Gastrointestinal problems
Iritable bowel syndrome
Irregular heart beats
Changes in blood pressure
Chronic headaches ( only on left side of head )
Itchy flaky ears accompanied by discharge
Tremor in hands, feet, tongue and eyelids
Persistent cough
Breathing problems
Below average temperature
Excessive perspiration
Clammy hands and feet alternating wth very cold, icy hands and feet
Loss of coordination
Short-term memory loss
A hangover feeling ( without alcohol)
"Not with it" feeling
Gurgling throat
Terrific weight gain ( with normal eating)
Painful and swollen joints with burning fingertips and toes in the summer and being abnormally cold in the winter
Impaired vision
Slurred speech