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Poisons and Antidotes---In large doses it is an irritant poison, causing vomiting and hypercatharsis.

The berries have proved fatal to children. [A Modern Herbal; Mrs. M. Grieve]


Constituents---The acridity of the bark is chiefly due to mezeen, a greenish-brown, sternutatory, amorphous resin. Mezereic acid, into which it can be changed, is found in the alcoholic and ethereal extracts, together with a fixed oil, a bitter, crystalline glucoside, daphnin, and a substance like euphorbone. Daphnin can be resolved into daphnetin and sugar by the action of dilute acids.



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An alcohol-water extract of Daphne mezereum L., a plant widely used in folk medicine for treating cancers, showed antileukemic activity against the P-388 lymphocytic leukemia in mice. Systematic fractionation of the extract has led to isolation and characterization of mezerein as the principal antileukemic componen



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