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Myristica sebifera

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Medicinal uses- -The resin is spread over infected areas of skin to cure ringworm and similar dermatological problems of fungal origin prevalent in humid tropical rainforests.

Botanical uses- The high fatty content of the seeds are used to make candles and soaps by the indigenous populations of the rainforest.

Action and Medical Uses.—This oil is bland, and does not readily become rancid; hence it furnishes a good vehicle for topical applications. It has been employed alone by friction for the relief of rheumatism. Kings Dispensatory

 The seeds, some with 60% oil, are used as candlenuts and soap by Choco and Cuna Indians

The dried bark of myristica sebifera is smoked during dances by venezolan shamans to treat fever. The cooked bark is used to get rid of ghosts. Several Virola species were used to treat skin deseases