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Natrum arsenicosum

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Natrium arsenicosum



Traditional name

English: Disodium hydrogen arsenate, Sodium arsenate, Hydric di-sodic arsenate

Used parts

2x Trituration


Minerals; Inorganic; Alkalis - Column One



Original proving

Proved and introduced by Imbert. Gourbeyre, Art. Med. Med. 17, 440 (1863); Allen: Encyclop. Mat. Med. Vol. VI, 473; Clarke: A Dictionary of Practical Mat. Med., Vol. II, 534; Hering: Guiding Symptoms, Vol. VII 534.

Description of the substance

White amorphous, granular powder; odourless; hygroscopic. Contains not less than 99.5 per cent of Na2HAsO4,,7H2O. Soluble in water; slightly soluble in alcohol.
The Arsenoius acid becomes, during the process of preparation, converted into Arsenic acid.

Preparation: one part dried Arsenic acid (at 100°C) is warmed with two parts Sodiumcarbonate in ten parts water until they dissolve completely. After cooling water is added to a total weight of 100 parts. The result is a clear, colourless alkaline poisonous liquid containing arsenic acid to water 1:100.
Sodiumarsenate solution is the 2nd. titruation of Sodium Arsenicicum.