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Nepeta cataria

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Traditional use (may or may not be supported by scientific studies): Catnip is famous for inducing a delirious, stimulated state in felines. Throughout history, this herb has been used in humans to produce a sedative effect.1 Catnip tea was a regular beverage in England before the introduction of tea from China.2 Several other conditions (including cancer, toothache, corns, and hives) have been treated with catnip by traditional herbalists.


Folk charms for fertility and love.-Barrennness. Fertility charm.-Ingredient in love sachets (especially with rose petals).-Ingredient in love incenses (especially with rose petals).-Religious Herbe for Bast and Sekhmet.-Any magick or healing involving felines.-Shapeshifting (particularly were-cats).-Self growth (in incense with Dragon's Blood, exorcises bad habits)-Animals and animal contacts-Love-Magickal book bookmarks (large dried leaves)-Psychic bond with cat (by giving it to and playing with kitty).


Scent: Grassy or herby with touch of bitter mint.-Animals (particularly felines)-
Cleansing (as in refreshing, and also as in cleansing ritual tools, especially blades)-
Consecrating blades-
Harmony-Love (especially with rose petals)-Peace-Rest-Sleep-Tranquility