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Nuphar luteum

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Clinical information:

     Acts most prominently upon the lower portion of the intestinal canal and upon the male generative organs.
     Head. Pressive headache in forehead and temples, ceasing in the open air. Dull, deep, lancinating pains behind the left frontal eminence. Painful, bruising shocks in the brain at every step.
     Eyes. Dull pain and sensation of weight in orbit. Brilliant sparks before the eyes, especially after hard coughing.
     Stool - soft stools, preceded by colic; more mornings. Yellow diarrhoea in the morning. Smarting and burning in anus after stool (Ars., Sulph.). Stitches, as from needles in rectum. Painless morning diarrhoea (Podo.).
     Urinary Organs. Urine deposits a copious reddish sand (Cinch., Natr. mur., lyc., Phos.), which adheres the vessel.
     Male Organs - complete absence of sexual desire (Agn.); voluptuous thoughts do not cause erections (agar., Agn., Coni.); penis retracted; scrotum relaxed. Several lancinations in both testicles, with pains in end of penis. Impotency, with involuntary emissions (Agar., Agn, Coni., phos., Phos-ac); during sleep, at stool and when urinating.
     Skin. Sensation like flea - bites in different spots. Itching eruption, resembling psoriasis.
     Compare. Agn., Ars., Baryt-c, coni., Gels., Podo., rumex. Sulph.).
     Has been found useful in the following conditions: morning diarrhoea; entero - colitis, chronic; sexual debility; impotence; spermatorrhoea.